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Reports from the Bridge

16 June 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

As I write these remarks, we have just finished the first Picnic in the Park and what a nice evening! The weather cooperated for our hosts, CAPT Andy and Nancy Kupp, who put together a great event. The next picnic will be 13 July at 1800 with CAPT Terry Ellingston and company as hosts. Be sure to sign up in the lounge to help with the planning.

Those who did not attend the Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay missed a great weekend! At one point there were 31 boats and 2 land yachts present. The weather was just perfect for all the events. The BBQ hosted on Saturday by the Anderson Island Fire Chief in our gazebo was the highlight of the weekend. The food was superb accompanied by live bluegrass music talent from Anderson Island. Sunday started with the Pancake Breakfast at the fire hall then followed by a “dressed boat” parade through Oro Bay, a predicted log dinghy race (won by P/C Rumbold with your V/C as observer), horse racing under the direction of P/C Carr and then the Memorial Day Observance under the preparation and organization of Fleet Captain Bob and Gerri Bachman and previous Fleet Captain Andy and Nancy Kupp. Thank you all for a job well done!

The Commodore’s Ball held on 4 June was a huge success. The team lead by P/C Bob and Gerri Bachman did a fantastic job! The event was very well attended, the food superb, and everyone had a wonderful time. It was a grand tribute to Ex-Commodore Rod and Angela Perryman.

I hope the BYC/QCYC Big Brother Cruise-In to be held 24 – 26 June will be well attended. QCYC presented us with a challenge – the commodore of the club with the fewest boats present will have to wear a muumuu. Let’s hope we don’t have to refer to Commodore Billings as “Hilo Hattie!” Fleet Captain Bob and Gerri Bachman and their counterparts from QCYC have a great weekend planned and I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time.

The Grand XIV Officer’s Cruise-In is scheduled for 5-7 August. If your slip will be available during that time, please let R/C Don Hardgrove know so he can arrange moorage for our visiting officers.

Finally, our Youth Sailing Program starts on 27 June and runs for eight consecutive weeks and there is still a need for your support and help. Contact CAPT Mike Knight or the Facility Manager, Jim Busse for more information. Remember, these are our future members!


Ronald Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 June 2005 (gk)