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7 July 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

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I write these comments early and in haste as I have just returned from a successful fishing trip at Ucluelet, BC and am about to leave for southern California. Also, the boat is being rewired and having a thorough systems checkup, so I am still looking for those "quiet days of summer."

The first event of the season was the Picnic in the Park hosted by CAPT Andy and Nancy Kupp with the theme of Lady and the Tramp. The prize for best costume went to FLT CAPT Bob and Gerri Bachman. What a nice event! Many thanks Andy and Nancy for hosting this event.

The Big Brother Cruise to the QCYC outstation at Eagle Harbor proved again to be a fun weekend. As we did not have as many boats present as QCYC, we had to wear muumuu's and grass skirts and sing along with our esteemed leader, "Hilo Hattie Billings." A great time was had by all. Next year we look forward to hosting them at our out station at Oro Bay.

Next up is the July Picnic in the Park which is only a week away. CAPT Terry Ellingston and his First Mate will chair the event and I know it will be a huge success. Be sure to come out and share an evening together.

The first weekend in August, BYC will be hosting the Bridge Officers of the Grand XIV Yacht Clubs. If you will be away for the weekend, please let the RC and/or the Float Chairman CAPT John Rosendale know if your slip can be used for our visitors. We expect approximately 35 boats so any available slips would be most appreciated. About ten will be arriving Friday afternoon and the remainder around noon on Saturday.

The annual Fishing Derby previously scheduled for 14 August has been cancelled due to lack of interest and participation in the past few years. Hopefully we can do this again in future years.

The August Picnic in the Park is scheduled for 17 August. Be sure to check for the flyer in the Club lounge for details.

The Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay will be 2 to 5 September with FLT CAPT Bob and Gerri Bachman leading the events. If it is anything like Memorial Day, it will be a a lot of fun and a huge success. Be sure to look for the flyer and signup sheet in the Club lounge.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendars for the Annual Salmon Bake on Sunday 11 September. CAPT Bob Stansberry is again chairing this event so we know it will be great! Watch for the signup sheet.

Have a great and safe boating summer!


Ron Morse, Vice Commodore

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Posted: 7 July 2005 (gk)