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Reports from the Bridge

14 August 2005

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Sailboats cruising, speedboats buzzing by and lazy days of summer are upon us, at least on the Weekend for a lot of us and all year long for those of you who have put in your dues in the offices, shops and various jobsites. The spectacular weather has been ideal for boating and swimming.

With summer at it’s finest and time a premium we have had a little fun taking day trips around Dyes Inlet. For those with only a few hours to spare, head over to the rejuvenated Bremerton Waterfront with your dinghy, tie up and enjoy a stroll around the boardwalk admiring the fountains and have an ice-cream cone or lunch at one of the restaurants. Many aspiring businesses have opened and would welcome local and tourist support.

Thanks and admiration go out to everyone who made the Youth Sailing Program a success this year. I am really impressed with your dedication to the program and all the effort you put into making this matter for the kids who took part. Extremely fine young people are part of this program and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to some of you and I want to thank you for being a part of our club and taking time to devote your time and your expertise in this worthy endeavor.

As usual, here are some obligatory but important reminders that facilitate making our club where we want to be: Please remember that if you are going out to cruise, park on the South side and along the fence. If you take a bag of ice from the freezer, please replace it with two. Thanks for keeping the club clean and putting back dock carts. Your work consolidating waste and keeping the grounds looking neat is appreciated.

I would like to give gratitude to those who assisted with providing boat slips for the Grand X1V Cruise-In. I made a lot of calls and I asked for a lot of help. For those that went out of their way, when it wasn’t necessarily convenient, thank you again for coming through and making this event a success. Thanks to Jim Busse for being there and keeping his eyes and ears open and for always being professional and helpful in every way. We couldn’t do it without you Jim.

The Rear Commodores of class 2008 selected a name on August 5th. By popular demand we are now the “Daring Dungeness.” No longer interim, but now permanently, SSBD or scum sucking bottom dwellers as many like to refer. See my last towline article if you are wondering what in the world I am talking about.

We are looking forward to Labor Day Weekend at Oro Bay* and spending an additional week cruising around South Sound afterward. It’s not too late to sign up for the Weekend or come down for the day on Saturday for the Parade.

See you at the club and around the water. Stay safe and cool and savor the rest of summer.

Best regards,


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Posted: 14 May 2005 (gk)