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16 October 2005

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Hello again, the cruising season is over and things are shifting over to the club social season. The October fest was exceptional thanks to P/C Bob Wheeler and his crew. The Oom Pah Band added the perfect finishing touch.

Jumping ahead to December, there will be a BYC Holiday decorating party on Friday December 2nd. We will put up lights, trees and decorations and have a Potluck afterward. If you would like to join us for a tree-trimming party and some cheer, please sign up at the club or contact Jennifer for more details. It's not too early to sign on to participate in the Special People's cruise. To do so please contact P/C Mark Miller. Please contact me about taking part in the 2005 Lighted Boat Parade. I am really looking forward to both these events and seeing you there.

Over the past few months the club has seen a host of new member obligated. The club is very fortunate to have this influx of new energy and enthusiasm in which to draw from for upcoming committees and events. It is inspiring to see that so many in the community are willing to pledge an oath to give of their time and energy for the benefit of all and in so doing enjoy the fruits of all that goes with that pledge.

Have you ever considered the myriad of things that occur on our behalf that go by unsung and unseen, I for example know of only a fraction of the things that members do in the service of the club, but I know that they occur. I know this, because this club is over 75 years young and strong. I know this because when I arrive at the club and see the stars and stripes and club burgee flying that I will find that all is well. What binds the club together is the dedicated people that adhere to a set of guidelines and laws that carry the club through the years season after season.

Recently the Float Chairman, Captain John Rosendale, under the direction of Commodore Billings, made comprehensive measurements and inspection of the Floats. John and his Committee completed this arduous time consuming task. A fair and impartial analysis of the existing state of the floats was done and presented to the Executive Committee in order for them to bring the Marina into conformity of the Float Regulations. Those members who find themselves outside the agreed upon regulations are being given an opportunity to realign themselves. One of the obvious benefits of this task is that no one will be paying for more than what they are using. This Club owes a special thanks to John and his crew for what they have accomplished.

Recently, we have seen the tragic result of a Marina fire near the GHYC. With this tragedy in mind, a set of Guidelines have been drawn up thanks to Captains Chuck Silvernail and Don Sherwood. Our goal is to minimize damage should fire occur.

The work parties at the Club on October 15th and 16th were a success. Thank you Mike Whitaker for chairing the work party and to each of you that came out. The Skiperettes are also appreciated for their support and for providing meals during the weekend.

One of the tasks of this Seasons' first Work Party was installing twenty-two new outlets on A Float. It was revealed upon dissection that there were several Electrical boxes with contents blackened inside to the point of causing a serious fire. It is imperative that you check your electrical connections for any sign of damage at both ends. Cords that are handling 30 amps are particularly suseseptible and must be replaced yearly. Other cords using half this voltage should probably be replaced every three years or so. I am told that West Marine has the best deal on Cords.

We will be in Montana visiting family at the end of October. We hope to catch up and hear about the Halloween Cruise at New Members Night and Wine Tasting on November 11th.

Well Shipmates this Column has turned out to be rather wordy so I want to thank you for listening. Stay safe and warm and light a fire - in the fireplace.


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Posted: 16 October 2005 (gk)