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20 May 2005

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

As my wife and I drove along Marine Drive and Rocky Point seven years ago, looking for a place to call home, we passed the signs for the Bremerton Yacht Club. Map in hand we drove along the Water approaching the Iron Gate on Yacht Haven Way and we thought how nice it would be to "someday" get to know the people at the Yacht Club and maybe even tie up our Sailboat Elixir, if requested to join. What better way to get to know people in the Community and even better, make friends with people with a love for water and boating. In 2004 I was honored to be asked to join the Yacht Club and quickly offers to attend activities and requests volunteer for the Club came my direction. Thrilled with the opportunity to be a member of a wonderful club with great people I signed on as Steward and Set up Chairman, giving me the chance to serve the club and get to know members. My wife and I had a fantastic time serving at last years Commodore's Ball and also at the BYC Junior Officers' Ball. We have enjoyed the Crab Fest, Picnics at the Park, New Member's Night, Christmas Party, several Breakfasts and participated in many other events including The Heavy Weather Week and Skit.

My son John Ashton age 2.75 often asks: "Want to go to the Ott Club" and loves to run down the Dock and play in the Park. Those of you who have met John know his favorite activity, however, is helping with the Vaccuming. After a little over a year of meeting outstanding people I have come to call friends, I was asked to serve as Rear Commodore. A responsibility I spent many days contemplating. I am new to the Club and I know the club and it's members require someone who can appreciate and respct the History of this incredible place, recognize the integrity and diversity of it's members and strive to continue to make it oustanding. Once I decided to accept this incredible nomination I did so knowing that you deserve someone with devotion and dedication. I have that devotion for boating, this establishement and most importa! ntly, you. I look forward to getting to know those I haven't met and spending time with friends I have. This was a request and a challenge that came at the right time, and I sincerely want to thank you for your support and give gratitude to all of you who have afforded this opportunity. Although, I take the responsibility very seriously, I do so with heart, because I want your club to be not only a place to keep your boat, but a place you can count on for comraderie, fellowship and good old fashioned fun. The Bremerton Yacht Club is more than a beautiful place with a stand out facility and moorage, it is a place to call home and build friendships that will last a lifetime. So many members said to us, "As you Volunteer" for activities, you get to know people here, and they were exactly right, we have gotten to know people and without the shared labor and laughs we would ha! ve missed out getting to know some terrific people. We are really look ing forward to working side by side and making your club the kind of place to look forward to spending time at and on the around on the water.

Got ideas you would like to share for the future?

Want to keep alive Traditions from days past?

Let me know what you want from the club and what you think will make the Club a better place.

We are looking forward to the Memorial Day Cruise at Oro Bay and seeing YOU there.

Don Hardgrove

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Posted: 20 May 2005 (gk)