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Reports from the Bridge

16 June 2005

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Sunshine, where are you Sunshine? Calling 75 degrees, where are are you 75 degrees? Hello it is JUNE, now!

Installation 2005 at BYC was certainly an honor. Serving on the Bridge with Charles Billings as Commodore and Ron Morse as Vice Commodore is truly a privilege. My wife Jenny and I feel very fortunate to serve BYC with such fine Men and their wives Sharon and Penny. I am looking forward to working with the BYC Executive Committee and Staff Officers in the coming years. Thank you to the Skipperettes for the tasty appetizers, cake and champagne at the Installation. It was a lovely evening and especially meaningful to have the Bridge from the Poulsbo Yacht Club join us at the Club and on the boat afterward. Thank you ALL for coming and wishing us well on May 20th. I also want to thank those of you who served last year and each and every one of you for being members of a club that I am very proud to be a part of.

Seven days later we sailed to Anderson Island for our first Memorial Day Cruise with BYC. We arrived at Oro Bay ten hours later, which was two hours earlier than I predicted. It was great to finally get there and see so many of you out enjoying the beautiful day that was recorded to be over 90 degrees. We were saved a place to tie up right next to the Krummeís who graciously shared their deck and play time with John our son. This weekend was fun from beginning to end with great meals, Dinghy races, and even a surprise song sung by our own Commodore Charlie. Who knew he is so talented! I canít wait to hear Ron sing, too. Congratulations to the Participants and winners in the games, Dinghy races and Chilli cook-off. We are looking forward to going back. Thanks Fleet Captainsí Andy Kupp and Bob Bachman. Those of you thinking about coming out for a BYC cruise - Do so; itís worth it!

We paid tribute to Rod and Angela Perryman at the Commodoreís Ball June 4, and enjoyed a terrific dinner, music and dancing as well as meeting some of our counterparts from the Grand 14. A few even considered my offer for corn dogs as we anxiously awaited our meal. Kidding aside it was a wonderful dinner and thanks to Bob, Gerri and their devoted crew for putting it on. Hope they had as much fun being on the committee as we did last year.

Thank you to Bill Streutker, Darin Haustveit, and Dave Cordodor for adding the Summer plantings around the Clubhouse, and maintaining the House and Grounds exterior and Water system. You really are appreciated for making the place look smashing.

Optimistically speaking with Summer upon us, donít forget the sun screen while out on the water and wear your hats. I will share with you some requests made from some of our members: As a courtesy to others please remember that our club belongs to all of us and taking care of it benefits us all. This includes compacting garbage and recycling when possible and when you can, leave room for the next person in the dumpster.

June 24th, 25th and 26th we are anticipating a fun Big Brother Cruise with Queen City Yacht Club and our introduction to the QCYC out station on Bainbridge Island. Hope to see you there.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know more members this year. I welcome your feedback and suggestions of any kind about your club and wish you all a wonderful cruising/sailing season. Maybe by the time you read this I will be turning on the fan and I will have forgotten about Springís blustery days.

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Posted: 16 June 2005 (gk)