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15 February 2005

Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

As we approach February and Heavy Weather Weekend, I realize that there are many events and much to be done. First and most important is the Work Party scheduled for 12 and 13 February. Please be aware of the date change from the 5th and 6th. CAPT Fox, our Work Party Chairman, has a signup sheet posted on the bulletin board in the lounge so get involved for one or both days. As I write this, I was not overwhelmed by the response so far! Remember that the obligation is 16 hours but any extra time would be most helpful. If you have a pressure washer and are willing to let it be used and/or are willing to operate it yourself, please let CAPT Fox know. Again, there is much to be accomplished so our club will present in the best possible manner to our visitors and guests.

As for the Heavy Weather Weekend, there are many opportunities to help during the events and for those new members who have not been involved before, a great way to obtain service points and meet many of the club members. There are many committees such as fire watch, skit, setting up and removing timbers, parking attendants, etc for which to volunteer. Do not hesitate to contact a bridge member, your sponsor, or a committee chairman. Get involved! You will have a great time! As a reminder, please limit vehicles to only ONE per family as parking will be at a premium that weekend.

Although Heavy Weather Weekend is the pinnacle of Log Racing both nationally and here in the Northwest, it is still a Club event. A great Social is planned for Friday Night including a DJ, and Saturday night has the Skit presentations followed by band with dancing. It should be a fun weekend.

In closing, I would remind everyone to be aware of the freezing temperatures at this time of year and watch for potential problems around the Club. Remember that running faucets can prevent frozen pipes so please check before shutting one off.


Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 15 February 2005