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20 June 2005

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Charles Billings

Photo of Commodore

While participating in the Everett Yacht Club’s “Dinghy Slough Cruise” back in July, I noticed that most of the Everett small boats had EYC burgees flying. These were smaller than your normal burgee and were more proportionally sized for dinghy, RIB, or “Boston Whaler style” tender use. Most were flown from a small stainless staff attached to the top of the outboard motor case.

I asked Jim Busse to contact our burgee supplier about the possibility of purchasing smaller burgees for sale in the Club Store. As usual, he was right on the task and ordered an initial batch of 25. Keep you eyes open for their arrival. If they sell well, we’ll get more.

In case you haven’t heard, QCYC has sold their outstation in Eagle Harbor for 26.3 million bucks and has now purchased all of the land surrounding BYC plus ten new outstations in Canada. NOT! However, that was the story I was told after they finally figured out why their V/C, Scott Grimm, was getting calls about his “property for sale”. It took a while for Scott to realize that one of BYC’s esteemed members (a P/C no less) had posted professional looking “For Sale” signs at their outstation shortly after the Big Brother Cruise-In. I’m not sure, but this may have been in response to Queen City’s “masked raid” at our Commodore’s Ball in June. It’s all in good fun and we’re fortunate to have such a good relationship with our “big brother - Queen City”.

On Friday, 12 August, BYC was visited by Mike Wikstrom, a representative of the Kitsap County Tax Assessor’s Office. The purpose of his visit was to view the privately owned boathouses in our marina. Jim Busse, our Facilities Manager, Capt. John Rosendale, our Float Chairman, and I met with Mike to answer his questions and provide him with the information he requested. The county’s records were so different from our current marina lay-out and slip assignments that Mike said he’d have to return to the Assessor’s Office, build a new spread sheet with names, slip numbers and boathouse dimensions, and then return at a later date to perform his evaluations.

Reminder, our first General Meeting after the summer break is right around the corner, September 19th . I hope to see you there.

On the subject of reminders, if you haven’t had a recent photo taken for the Annual, please submit one as soon as possible to our Annual Chairman, Capt. Jack Flood. You may drop it off with our Facilities Manager at the Club Store, or place it in the Annual mailbox. If you’re happy with the one in the annual now, so be it. If there is no photo of you or your vessel in the annual, please bring one in to be scanned, or let Capt. Flood or me know in advance, and we’ll try to get your photo taken prior to or after the meeting on September 19th.

Last but by no means least, a special BIG thank you to Capt. Mike Knight and his able crew who made our Youth Sailing Program such a resounding success this summer. We are indeed fortunate to have such dedicated members.

See you ‘round the club,
Charles Billings

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Posted: 15 August 2005 (gk)