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16 September 2005

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Charles Billings

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For those of you who read this column and follow the calendar, I have a few changes for you. The Novice Big Brother log race has been changed from October 2nd to October 9th. The P/C Cup log race has been changed from November 13th to November 6th. Please mark your calendars to reflect these changes.

We had 35 boats at the Oro Bay Outstation over the Labor Day weekend. Our Fleet Captain P/C Bob Bachman, his First Mate Gerri, and their hard working crew really did a magnificent job. It never ceases to amaze me how they can provide such wonderful meals and entertainment, to say nothing of the great raffles at the price we pay for the weekend. GREAT JOB everyone!

Thanks also to P/C Gary Carr and his "staff" for the great job transforming Capt. Brian Golden's Ford pickup truck into a realistic looking AIF&R vessel. It seems that Gary and his "staff" raise the bar every year. I look forward to next year's projectů.I wonder if Gary will take it on again?

One of the pluses during the Labor Day weekend was the generosity of many of our members who donated funds for Hurricane Katrina relief. These funds, combined with more funds collected at the Salmon BBQ on September 11th amounted to a total of $720.00 for the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

For those of you who haven't been to the Oro Bay Outstation recently, we now have "a zillion" new cleats to make it easier to stern tie to the floats. It certainly was nice to be able to tie up without having to run a line over someone else's mooring line. Thanks are in order for Capt. Tim Stiles who drilled all of the holes and to P/C Gary Carr for bolting all of the cleats to the floats. I was told that neither Tim nor Gary dropped any tools overboard. Way to go guys!

On Tuesday, September 13th, the new card operated fuel dispensing system was hooked up and tested. In order to be issued a card to operate the system, a member must complete a basic training course in the operation of the system, safe fueling practices for your vessel, as well as fire and spill response. Capt. Jay Spearman and your Environmental Committee are currently working with Kitsap County Fire District #7 on the minimum training requirements and the training syllabus. The goal is to have the first class within the next three weeks. Watch the club bulletin board for the class announcement. Upon qualifying to obtain a card, a member will be able to get fuel for his/her vessel during times that the club store is not open, with the exception of the hours between dusk and dawn. As in the past, fuel is still available during normal Club Store hours by signing up on the fuel schedule log on the Club Store counter. Thanks to Capt. Tim Baker who volunteered his electricians and our Facility Manager, Jim Busse, for helping to make the system a reality.

See you 'round the club,
Charles Billings

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Posted: 16 October 2005 (gk)