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14 October 2005

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Charles Billings

Photo of Commodore

By the time you’re reading this, the first class for the “self serve” Card Operated fuel system will have taken place and some members will have used this convenient addition to one of BYC’s biggest assets. As usual, fuel will still be available during normal club store hours by appointment with the Facilities Manager.

As we enter the busy “Fall Season”, please take note of the club calendar and the many club events that will be taking place. These events are great fun, and are a wonderful opportunity to get together with your “BYC family”.

Due to his unfortunate accident this past summer, Capt. Bret Halffman (still in recovery and physical therapy) has requested that he be relieved as the Chairman of the Special Peoples Cruise scheduled for December 4th. P/C Mark Miller has graciously accepted the task of chairing this annual event. This is one of our most enjoyable and rewarding events of the year and a great opportunity for new members as well as long time members to get involved. Give Mark a call and offer your services to help.

One week after the Special Peoples Cruise is the annual Christmas Dinner on the 11th of December. Watch for the sign-up sheet in the club lounge.

Five days later is the Lighted Boats Parade scheduled for Friday and Saturday, December 16th & 17th. Planning is already underway, so give R/C Hardgrove a call and volunteer to help with this much anticipated annual community event.

While some of us will continue using our boats throughout the “rainy winter months”, others will put their boats away and look forward to next spring and summer. It is important that each of us make sure our vessels are properly secured and ready for what is sure to come – nasty weather. Check your fenders and dock lines, boathouse chains, power cord condition and electrical connections, ensure the bilge pump works, and in general, be proactive in your preparations for the off season. Be aware of the Float Regulations with regard to heaters, fans, etc. Be safety conscious and visit your vessel on a regular basis to check on its condition. If you’re out of town, ask a member to keep an eye on your vessel for you.

On November 5th, at 1500, the new Anderson Island Fire & Rescue “fireboat” will be christened. Chief Jim Bixler, an Honorary BYC member, has invited BYC members to attend the event that will take place at the Riviera Boat launch on the east side of the island, just north of Oro Bay. Come join the festivities on dry land or come by boat and be on hand to greet the new boat as she’s launched and escort her back to Oro Bay.

The final draft copy of the BYC Annual has been completed and the Annual is at the printers as I type. As you may recall, during the budgeting process last spring, the Annual portion of the budget was reduced by almost 30%. As a result, the new annual is all B&W, no color photos. There will be a notice posted at the club store when it is available for pick up, expected to be the end of October. Each member is authorized one copy, with additional copies available at a cost of $13.00 each.

November brings to mind Thanksgiving - a time when all of us, as a club family and as individuals, should pause and give thanks for all of the opportunities and blessings we have received. There have been many tragic events both here and abroad this past year, and we should not forget them, but we should move on and look forward to a brighter future. On Thanksgiving, in addition to giving thanks for your own particular blessings, remember and give thanks for the men and women of our Armed Services, both at home and throughout the world, that are putting their lives on the line for us here at home.

Sharon and I are blessed by your support and friendship. We wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you ‘round the club,

Charles Billings

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Posted: 14 October 2005 (gk)