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16 April 2005

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Rod Perryman

Photo of Commodore

As I write my last Towline Article as a Bridge Officer I think of what a short time three years really is when you work with such a wonderful organization as Bremerton Yacht Club. Angela and I want to thank you for three wonderful years of serving as your ambassadors to the other clubs of the Grand 14. We made many new friends along the way and can honestly say it has been an experience well worth having. We will look back on this chapter of our lives with many fond memories. I want to take a moment to thank all those that have helped in so many ways over the last 3 years. Without the many volunteer members and their wives so many of our social functions would never happen were it not for such great team work. I appreciate the help that so many of you have given when asked to do so and I want to personally thank you.

The upcoming month will be a busy one. The next General Meeting on April 18th is the 2nd Nomination of Officers. May 2nd General Meeting will be final Nominations and Election of Officers. Please come and be a part of this process. It is important to your club for all of its members to take a responsible part in its growth and process. Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day takes place on the first weekend in May 6 through 8. This is always a wonderful event not to be missed. Awards Night is scheduled for May 13th at 6pm. Look for flyer on this one. May 20th is Installation of Officers. I thought things were supposed to slow down!

The Audit Committee presented its findings at the last E Committee Meeting. Of particular note was the vast improvement of reconciliation documentation for social events, keep up the good work, well done to all you Chairmen.

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Posted: 16 April 2005