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Reports from the Bridge

17 February 2005

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Rod Perryman

Photo of Commodore

If this is Winter what is Spring going to be like? By the time you read this article the 71st Heavy Weather weekend will be history, hopefully without too much "heavy weather", and hopefully the team trophy going to BYC. What a fine job all of you members did in the Workparty getting the Clubhouse, docks and grounds looking great for our Heavy Weather Guests. Thanks are in order to all those heading-up and working the various committees that make Heavy Weather such a fun event.

With the Pettit Oil Agreement approved and signed, we are waiting for a contract from NW Pump for installation of the K-800 Fuel Reader System. A note on Club Security. When you encounter a person unfamiliar to you on BYC property, introduce yourself and ask nicely if they are a member, ask their name, if they are not a member and are not with a member, challenge them and escort them off of BYC property, remember you would expect the same of another member. Report the incident to the Club Manager, Caretaker, Security Chairman and or a Bridge Officer immediately.

Please note that the Defibrillator is now installed in the Clubhouse Lounge. There is a step by step demonstration of the Defibrillatorís use on the BYC Home page. Smooth Sailing to all. [Web sites: Zoll AED at home | First Responder Video]

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Posted: 17 February 2005