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Reports from the Bridge

20 June 2005

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Charles Billings

Photo of Commodore

It doesn’t seem like two years have passed since I started writing a column for the TOWLINE, first as R/C, then V/C, and now, your Commodore. Where has the time gone?

First off, thank you, to the members of BYC for the trust and faith you have in me in electing me to be your Commodore. It is truly an honor, and I look forward to serving you and the best interests of BYC in the coming year.

As I write this column, Capt. Tim Baker’s crew is installing the wiring and equipment for the “self serve” fuel dispensing system. This project has been a long time in coming, but it looks like we’ll have the system up and running sooner, rather than later. Keep your eye on the club bulletin board for the announcement of the classes to qualify as an operator.

The annual Commodore’s Awards* Evening presented by Ex-Commodore Perryman was well attended and the food was excellent thanks to Chef Al Gonzalez and his crew! Check out the list of award recipients elsewhere in this issue.

For those of you unable to attend the Installation of Officers ceremony, in addition to your new Bridge, V/C Ron Morse, R/C Don Hardgrove, Treasurer Capt. Betty Smith, Secretary Capt. Rob Bruins, our new Fleet Captain is P/C Bob Bachman; Regatta Chairman for Power, P/C Leo Longenecker; Regatta Chairman for Sail, Capt. Joe Payne; Fleet Surgeon, Capt. Jim Picinich; Chaplain, Capt. Mark Danielson. The two new members of the Executive Committee are P/C Leo Longenecker and Capt. Mike Thomas. I look forward to working with these officers and the appointed Committee Chairs as we continue the sound fiscal, social, racing and cruising activities we have come to expect and enjoy. For a list of all of the appointed committee chairs, check the club bulletin board in the lounge or the inside of the door to the mail slots by the club snack bar & store. In addition, thanks to Capt. Sylvia Wilson, there will be a Tri-Fold insert in the July issue of the TOWLINE that lists Club Officers, Chairs, Social Activities, Races, etc.

Don’t forget the Commodore’s Ball on June 4th, when we have an opportunity to honor and thank Ex-Commodore Rod and First Mate Angela Perryman.

Another “not to be missed” event is the Big Brother Weekend Cruise to QCYC Outstation in Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island on June 25-26th.

It’s also time to renew your vessel registration – deadline is 30 June 2005. Please remember to turn in a copy of your 2006 registration to the Float Committee for their records.

Last, but not least, Sharon and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped us as Committee Chairs, Event Chairs, advisors, and supporters for the past year as Vice Commodore. We couldn’t have gotten through it without your help.

See you ‘round the club.

Charlie Billings

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Posted: 20 May 2005 (gk)