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19 January 2005

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Rod Perryman

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As I write this article the 71st Heavy Weather Predicted Log Contest is just a few weeks away, February 18th thru 21. Ours is the largest Predicted Log Contest in the World. This is a good time for you newer members to earn service points by serving on the many committees that make-up this event. To volunteer just ask any Committee Chairman or Bridge Officer and they will be happy to help you find a way to participate. This is the best way to learn how this club functions and a great way to make new friends not to mention that you will be helping and participating in Bremerton Yacht Club's main event of the year. The main thing to remember is to come out and ENJOY YOURSELF at Heavy Weather. Log Racer or not there are plenty of ways to have FUN at one or all of the many events scheduled during the weekend festivities.

Friday night there is a dinner and dance, Saturday Night Skits are followed by dancing to the "Rockodiles". On Sunday don't miss the famous BYC Heavy Weather Breakfast! Come on out and show your BYC spirit to the many guests that will be visiting our club on the Heavy Weather Weekend. One final note for this weekend is to please observe the one car per family rule during the Heavy Weather Weekend as parking is always at a premium.

As members of BYC we are so fortunate to have the use of a workshop like ours. Let us not take this for granted. Some rules for using the workshop are necessary for us all to remember. Please be sure it is locked and the lights are turned off when you leave. The workshop has been left unlocked several times the last couple of months. Remember, it belongs to us all, so please take good care of it and treat it as if it belongs to you personally.

On the subject of security, it is important to know that only a Bridge Officer, the Facility Manager, Security Chairman, or the Caretaker, are allowed to lock-open the Security Gate to the Club Grounds. If you see any other person lock-open the gate, report it to a Bridge Officer, the Facility Manager, Security Chairman or the Caretaker immediately. On a final note, Angela and I would like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers, for the loss of her father.

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Posted: 19 January 2005