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New England, 13 October 2004

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Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore

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As I write this column, I’m in New England where the leaves are all turning red, orange, yellow, gold and any shade in between, so winter must not be too far away, both here and in the Pacific NW. Consequently, it’s probably a good idea to check our boats, boat houses, mooring lines, electrical connections, fenders and in general ensure we’re ready for what’s sure to come – wind, rain, possibly snow, and colder weather. One can’t be too prepared for what Mother Nature may throw at us.

By the time you read this, the first Work Party of this season will be over and the whaler replacement project for A-string should be well underway. I hope you were able to get involved and get some time in to help keep the club up to the standards we all like to see.

When I departed for our trip, the Oktoberfest celebration, sponsored by P/C Bob Wheeler and his First Mate Jytte, was to take place the next day. When I checked the signup sheet, there were over 100 signed up for what we all know was to be an outstanding evening. I wish we could have been there. Thank you, Bob and your committee, for a great evening. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Thanks are also in order to Capt. Mike Dunn and First Mate Abbie for sponsoring the Sunday breakfast on 24 October. As usual, these events are well attended and the breakfasts are wonderful. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful galley and the opportunity to be able to “break bread” together.

Next up we had the Halloween Cruise to Port Orchard Marina. Since I’m writing this before it takes place, I’ll have to report on it in my next column. However, I’m sure it will be a “howling succes" since our Fleet Captain Steve Stearns and First Mate Laurie organized the weekend of fun. Thanks, both of you.

While on the subject of getting together, don’t forget to sign up for the "New Members' Night" social chaired by Capt. Mike Thomas and First Mate Cathy, on Friday, November 12th. All new members and spouses obligated since November 2003 are invited to attend as guests of the Club to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and meet other members. For you “older members”, this is a great opportunity to meet new members and get reacquainted with “old members” (not necessarily an age related term).

Next up is the Sunday Morning Breakfast, chaired by P/C Gary Carr and First Mate Josephine, on November 14th. I hope to see you there.

The following weekend is the BYC Junior Officers’Ball, chaired by Capt. Jim Markham and First Mate Tammy. Be sure to sign up for this event, the theme of which is “The Roaring Twenties”. You’ll be welcomed to the “BYC Speakeasy” where costumes are encouraged, so come as your favorite gangster, moll or flapper, welcome the other Junior Officers from the Grand Fourteen and enjoy what promises to be an evening of good food, socializing, dancing, and a few surprises. I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

In December, which is right around the corner, are the Lighted Boats Parade and Special Peoples Cruise. Now’s the time to help give something back to our community, so step up and decorate your boat, volunteer to take some folks who are less fortunate than we are out on your boat for an evening to talk with Santa, and get into the holiday spirit. These two events are our biggest community events of the year and create enjoyment for literally hundreds of folks during the Holidays, so get involved. It’s a lot of fun for us and our community.

Looking out a little farther, I can see Heavy Weather Weekend on the horizon in February. This year’s theme is “Cabaret”, so all of you thespians who are interested in performing in the BYC Skit, contact me for what I know will be an Academy Award winning performance. It would surely be neat to have the coveted “Clam Gun” in our own Trophy Case for a change.

I’ll close by encouraging everyone to vote on November 2nd, and wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones on the 25th.

See you ‘round the club.

Charles Billings
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 13 October 2004