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Reports from the Bridge

23 February 2004

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Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

What a weekend, Heavy Weather that is, with 38 boats racing and many others just coming by boat or car to enjoy the weekend. It was a busy and enjoyable experience. Bremerton Yacht Club once again showed one and all that Log Racing really is a "social event". My hat is off to all those that helped make this weekend a success. Chairman, Cpt. Don Sherwood for heading up the work party getting the docks, clubhouse and grounds cleaned-up. The Heavy Weather timber installers, the various Social Chairmen, Friday Nite Snack Chairman Cpt. Al Gonzalez & crew . Saturday Nite Snack Chairman, Cpt. Jim Markham& crew and Sunday morning Breakfast Chair Cpt. Dave Cleator & his crew . A big thanks for all your work.
Of course we can not forget the great effort put forth by the Skit committee headed up by Cpt. Betty Smith. What a fine job they did in planning and executing one of the most memorable skit competitions I can remember. In fact each and every club presented a skit that was of television quality in choreography, props and execution. With a total of 4 skits the judges did not have an enviable task as I know I would have been hard pressed to come up with a winner, but the team of judges pronounced
Gig Harbor Y.C. the winner this year.
These skits did not, however, outdo the wonderful performance by our very own "Dockettes'. They truly outdid themselves, in warming up the crowd prior to the start of skit competition with cute Sailorette costumes and brilliant execution. A big thank you goes to Kathy Thomas and Stephanie Stanberry and the rest of the "Gals" of the "Dockettes". I cannot thank everyone enough for your contribution in making this weekend a success. I received nothing but positive comments from our guests," they had so much fun and such a wonderful weekend". If I have missed thanking anyone for their contribution please accept my thanks.

Moving ahead, remember all you fishermen that the BYC Salmon Derby has been moved from Feb. 27 to August 9th . March 01- BYC Gen Mtg.& Dinner 1830/1930, March 05 - Friday Nite Social Irish Dinner with the Seattle Admiral and Admiralette as our special guests. March 19 to 21 is a 50's Flash Back club cruise to Brownsville, please sign-up for these two events on the sign-in sheet in the clubhouse. March 28 is the next Sunday Morning Breakfast.

As most of you are aware the fire main has experienced numerous failures in the past few months. It has reached the end of its service life. Currently consisting of Schedule 40 PVC, it is now approximately 15 to 20 years old and in need of total replacement. We are currently looking at different materials for its eventual replacement, hopefully sooner than later. "Freeze protection", it is still winter so remember if you see a potable water line running during freezing weather DON'T be a good Samaritan by turning it off as it is running to prevent freezing of the potable water lines. Now that BYC is 75 years old this year we have 75th year memorabilia available at the club store so stop by and see what is available. All from me for now.

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Posted: 23 February 2004