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21 May 2004

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Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore

Well, can you believe it’s June already. We have a new Bridge, and I’m writing my first column as your Vice Commodore. As I mentioned last month, I can’t believe the past year went by so quickly. Thank you for your support these past twelve months and your trust in electing me to “move up a chair” for this next year.

While I’m on the subject of “Thank You”, I want to give a big “THANKS” to CT Don Sherwood, our Work Party Chair, for the outstanding job he has done this past year. It’s been hard work, consumed a large quantity of Don’s time, but the club is in better shape as a result of his efforts, and the efforts of all of you who have put in your time and worked so hard to keep up and improve out club facilities. It’s a team effort, but it’s easier when we have a “team leader” who knows what needs to be done, knows how to do it, and knows who to use for a particular task. All of us are fortunate to have had Don in this position this past year. Thanks Sharon (Sherwood) for your patience.

We had a wonderful spring, but as I write this, it’s overcast and the forecast is for showers. But, I’m assured that summer is coming, and we have lots of events planned.

First off, there is the Memorial Day Cruise to our Oro Bay Outstation, May 28th through May 31st. When last I checked, we had 30+ boats and a couple of “land yachts” signed up for the “Cruise”. It should be a fun weekend, including the BBQ at the Anderson Island Fire Chief’s home, to which we’ve all been invited. But let’s not forget what the weekend is all about - remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. And, there are still those who go in harms way for our sake while we are able to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Keep them also in your thoughts and prayers.

The Commodore’s Ball is on June 5th, honoring our Ex-Commodore Bob Bachman and his First Mate, Gerri. P/C Rumbold is the Chairman of this event, and it promises to be a “hum dingr. Please note the flyer on the club lounge bulletin board (and on this Web site) and sign up if you plan to attend.

Next up is the first “Picnic in the Park” of the summer; to be held on Wednesday, June 16th, starting at 1830. This event will be chaired by Capt. Don & Melinda Knapp. Watch for the flyer and sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Club Lounge. These “picnics” are a family affair, so come one, come all, and enjoy our beautiful park, your family and friends at BYC. Unfortunately, Sharon and I will not be in attendance at this first picnic, as we’ll be on our way to the 25th Anniversary Nordic Tugs Rendezvous in Anacortes.

We will be back in time for the next big event though. That’s our Big Brother weekend with Queen City Yacht Club held this year at BYC, June 25th through the 28th. We had a great time with a good turnout last year when we were hosted by QCYC at their Outstation in Winslow. Let’s all turn out to greet our “big brother and have a good time. If you’re going to be out cruising, please let our Float Chair, P/C Gary Carr, know if your slip will be vacant and available for use. Check the flyer and signup sheet on the bulletin board in the Club Lounge.

Last but by no means least, is the BYC Raft-Up in Liberty Bay, to watch the Poulsbo Fourth of July Fireworks, held on the THIRD of July. (notice the date)

One added reminder. The BYC Junior Sailing Program starts on June 21st, and I know this dedicated team could use more volunteers to help out. If you have the time, please volunteer to support this worthwhile club sponsored endeavor. Contact our Club Manager, Jim Busse, CAPTs Mike Knight, Mark Danielson, or a member of the Bridge for more information and how you might be a volunteer. Get involved, it's worth the effort! You will have a good time, contribute to the club, and mentor some great kids and possible future members of Bremerton Yacht Club. See you ‘round the club,
Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 21 May 2004