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Reports from the Bridge

19 March 2004

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Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

Well, as usual it looks as if winter is ever so slowly releasing its grip and allowing Spring to come in. One thing for sure, this time of year, if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes.

You may have noticed that we now have possession of the (new to us) Crane and Dinghy Dock floats. The floats will be installed during the May 15-16 Work Party.

What a good time we had hosting the Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiralette.
They came to personally invite us all to the Northwest's Official Opening Day of Boating. If you have never been to Seattle's Opening Day I urge you to go. If not by boat at least by car. It is one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences in organized boating. If you plan on coming by boat please sign-up at the clubhouse.

Cpt. Al Gonzales and his crew provided us all with a great Irish inspired corned beef and cabbage dinner.

By the time you read this we will have already cruised to Brownsville Marina for the March 19- 21 Club Cruise, and had a good time for sure with the hospitality from the Marina and Brownsville Yacht Club members. Angela and I along with Charlie and Sharon represented the Club at the Tyee Yacht Club J.O. Ball and were unable to attend.

March 28th is the next BYC Sunday Morning Breakfast, chaired by Cpt. Mike Murray and crew. It will be a tasty and fulfilling meal. Besides where else can you beat this price?

April 2nd is the next Friday Night Social. Come on out for a movie and popcorn with a baseball theme. There will be apple pie served later in the evening, and a raffle of Mariners tickets, and it is all free!

April 5th BYC General Meeting and 1st nomination of Officers. Come on out and get involved in the process.

April 10th is the Kids Easter Egg Hunt so if you have any Easter Egg Hunters make sure you get them signed-up for this one!

April 16th-18th Tacoma Yacht Club Will be hosting the Daffodil Festival. We have 17 boats registered at this writing, but a few more won't hurt. See you there, whether you come by boat or car. This TYC Annual Event is great Fun, don't miss it.

April 19th Gen Mtg and 2nd Nomination of Officers

April 25th BYC Sunday Morning Breakfast come on out and enjoy the best breakfast deal in town, this one will be chaired by Cpt. Curt George.

That's all from me for now.

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Posted: 19 March 2004