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16 September 2004

Ron Morse
Rear Commodore
Photo of Rear Commodore

As I write this article for the October Towline, I am amazed as I reflect upon all that has happened in the past month from initiation into the Grand XIV Class of 2007, a weeks visit from the grandchildren (and their parents), a move to a new house, and attendance at the Rainier YC Junior Officer's Ball. What happened to Summer? As Fall is now upon us, I hope you are ready to help and participate in the busy schedule of events available to BYC members.

The weekend of 16 - 17 October will be the first opportunity to accumulate work party hours for the coming year. As you remember, at the May General Meeting we voted 16 hours per member to accomplish the necessary maintenance and scheduled projects for the Club. CAPT Fox, our Work Party Chairman, has posted a sign-up sheet on the lounge bulletin board so please remember to sign up. Although there are other work parties scheduled in the next seven months, get your time in early so there will not be a need for excuses or requests for makeup toward the end of May. Remember, the fine is $40.00 per hour for unfulfilled time! The clubhouse, grounds and floats do not need the "fine income," they need your time and efforts to keep them looking well and in good condition!

Now is a good time to start checking the condition of your boathouse and boat moorage before winter sets in -- the floats, chains, and standoffs on the boat sheds and the lines and fenders on the boats. Look at the dock cleats to make sure they are still secure and note any damage or wear on the finger piers. If you find anything in bad condition, please bring it to the attention of the Float Committee so they can look into it. If your boat will not be used much during the winter, make the necessary preparations of cleanup and checking the condition of equipment such as air dryers, heaters and their placement, and topping off the fuel tanks to limit condensation. For you sailboaters, this is a good time to check the standing rigging for wear and corrosion and check and clean the sails and running rigging. In recent years, there have been numerous boat fires caused by faulty shore power connections. Now is a good time to check for any warmth at the connections and determine the cause. Clean the electrical contacts, and coat with the oxidation preventive lubricant available for purchase at the Club Store. Getting rid of accumulated trash and partially opened food containers can help to keep down the infestation of critters

Penny and I look forward to sharing the events of the Fall season with you and having fun around the Club.


Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 September 2004