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Reports from the Bridge

21 May 2004

Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

As I write this, my first article for the Towline, I wish to thank the membership for the confidence you have placed in me as I take up this position and ask for your support through the next few years. I hope you will find me worthy of this trust. As a relative newcomer to the Club, I am always open to suggestions and sage advice – even from the WhoDats’!

As we approach the coming year, I am awed by the extent of maintenance and repair to be accomplished in the months ahead. We will need to manage these projects efficiently to make the maximum use of time and resources. In that vain, a special thanks to CAPT Don Sherwood for his superb managerial skills as Work Party Chairman during the past two years. Although he literally leaves some “big shoes” to fill, it is great to have him now as a member of the Executive Committee.

With the yachting season now upon us, we need to remember courtesy and safety no matter the distance or direction of travel. Around the Club, remember the take one, fill two bags principle at the ice machine and return empty carts to the head of the brow. When changing fluids on your boat, place the dirty or contaminated waste in the proper environmental container. It is getting more and more difficult to dispose of this material and almost impossible if cross contaminated. Check shore power cords frequently for heat buildup especially at the boat connection. As you clean up the boat and shed, place the trash inside the dumpster and not around the outside and remember the container is for Club generated trash and not from your home.

If you have some free time during the week, the Youth Sailing Program will be very active this summer and can always use assistance. Knowledgeable and mature club members preferably with sailing experience are needed to ensure that the participants stay safe, have fun, and develop good skills. Sufficient staff will ensure each participant receives enough personal attention and will make the program a success.

Vessel registration expires on the 30th of this month for all yachts, including those documented, so while replacing the stickers, make a copy of the registration for the Float Committee. Think about a safety check and courtesy inspection by one of our Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxiliary members. Look for expired equipment, condition of fire extinguishers, dead batteries in flashlights, and the burned out bulb in one of the navigation lights – this is the one that routinely plagues me. A few spare bulbs and variety of fuses is always a good policy. Check condition of the line on your life sling or ring buoy. Polypropylene line breaks down rapidly under UV exposure.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer doing those things that make yachting fun. May you have fair winds ….

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Posted: 21 May 2004