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Reports from the Bridge

16 June 2004

Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

In recent weeks, I have tried to reach various members of the Club using our most recent Annual or the Officer and Committee Chair list. I was very surprised to find that both contain numerous errors and omissions. In talking with our Treasurer, I also found that even the master membership roster contains errors. I ask that everyone please take a few minutes to check that your Club records are up to date not only for address and telephone numbers, but also pictures of you and your spouse for the annual including one of your boat. Check with the Float Committee to be sure they also have current yacht data, ie. name, length, width, and draft.

At the June Executive Committee Meeting, CAPT Don Sherwood announced the names of a large number of members who failed to complete their 16 hour work party requirement for the past year. This is not only expensive for the member at $40 per work party hour, but it means that required maintenance and repair projects were not completed or other members had to pick up the slack. One of the things that makes this Club so great is the ability and skills of our members to do the work ourselves and not hire it out like other yacht clubs in the area. Just compare our facilities with any other club and you can see why they envy us because of our moorage, railway, shop, and fuel dock. At the last General Meeting the membership voted to again require 16 hours of work party time to complete the planned projects for the coming year. I have found that Work Parties are a good time to meet the new members, learn new skills, and have a great time. Like CAPT Jack Hensley says about Log Racing, a Work Party can also be a social event!

CAPT Dave and Jan Cordodor have again done a splendid job planting the flower beds and hanging baskets around the Club. Their special touch adds greatly to the appearance of the club grounds and we appreciate their efforts.

Penny and I hope to see you during the QCYC Big Brother Cruise - In.


Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 June 2004