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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-December 2003

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

Whew ! It has been a busy month! By the time you read this, the Christmas and New Year Holiday activities will be over. However, it's no time to take a break. The Heavy Weather Weekend will be here before we know it, and just prior to that is the Winter Work Party, February 7th and 8th. If you don't have your work party time in yet, sign up now. There are lots of things to do to get ready for HW.

As I write this article, I have so far taken 172 pounds of food to the Bremerton Food Bank from BYC members. Thank you to all who have contributed so generously. It's easy to remember those less fortunate than we at this time of year. However, their needs do not end after the Holiday Season. Shouldn't we remember them all year? To that end, I will leave the donation box under the hall telephone booth for those who wish to contribute during the next few months. If we don't have a lot of participation, I'll remove the box until next year.

For those interested, BYC is now a member of American Yacht & Boat Council, Inc. (ABYC), and we have a copy of the ABYC manual, Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft. For those members who desire to review this manual, or to check on vessel specs and/or standards, you may check out our copy by signing for it at the Club Store. Be advised, the manual is NOT to leave the Club. It is for member's use while at the Club, not for home use. Thanks for your understanding.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who have given so much time to ensure the success of all of our Holiday Festivities. Unfortunately, our Editor asked the Bridge to keep it short for this issue due to the length of the BYC History published on page one, so I can't thank you individually; however, you know who you are, and I am most grateful for your help and advice.

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

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Last revised: 15 December 2003