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Reports from the Bridge

15 July 2004

Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

As I sit down to write this article for August, I wonder, "What happened to July?" Penny and I have been spending our spare time house hunting instead of having fun on the water. The Bremerton area is not the area to be looking at this time. By the time this is published, I hope to have a contract or we will be homeless and requesting tent space in the Park by the end of August.

Again as I mentioned in the last Towline, I have tried to reach various members of the Club using our most recent Annual or the Officer and Committee Chair list. I again ask that everyone please take a few minutes to check that your Club records are up to date not only for address and telephone numbers, but also pictures of you and your spouse for the Annual including one of your boat. Check with the Float Committee to be sure they also have current yacht data, ie. name, length, width, and draft. Our 2004 - 2005 Annual will be published in September so we NEED the information NOW! While on the soapbox, please remember the ice machine motto, "Take one, Fill two" and leave the scoop on TOP of the machine - it makes for very cold hands retrieving a buried scoop!

At the July E-Committee Meeting, it was decided to place the unclaimed fiberglass sailing dinghy up for sealed bid. Details are posted in the Clubhouse, on the Web site and in the Towline. We will move forward to automate the fuel delivery system to allow unattended fueling during daylight hours, seven days a week. Also, payment for fuel and Club Store purchases by MC, Visa, and debit cards will be available at a slight additional fee. For those members interested, wireless, broadband high speed internet access should be available by September! Details will be available next month.

I want to again thank CAPT Dave and Jan Cordodor (House & Grounds) for their efforts in maintaining the flower beds and hanging baskets around the Club. Their special touch adds greatly to the appearance of the club grounds. Please take the time to thank them for their efforts.

Penny and I hope to see you around the Club.


Ron Morse
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 15 July 2004