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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-March 2004

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

April 2004 Rear Commodore Towline Article

It's April already! Spring has sprung! The daffodils and crocuses are popping out all over the place. Even the plum and cherry blossoms are visible. And while on the subject of flowers, I'd like to propose a landscaping project for the club "Park & Picnic Area". As you know, there are lots of firs, a few cedars, some Madronas and of course, Salal and Blackberries in the "Park". Wouldn't it be nice to see some flowering plants amongst the other vegetation?

I'd like to propose we plant some Rhododendrons, Azaleas, perhaps a flowering Cherry or Plum, or other "low maintenance" flowering plants in the park. To keep club costs down, BYC members could donate a plant in memory of a loved one, or perhaps a favorite pet, or in honor of a deceased member of BYC. I will supply a tentative plat for a planting scheme, so we need only the plants. Anyone desiring to donate a Rhododendron or Azalea, or other appropriate flowering shrub or tree, give me or the H&G Chairman, Capt. Dave Cordador, a call..

Many of you know that we have lots and lots of decorations for various events and holidays. Through the efforts of Juanita Armstrong, Lynn Rumbold, Capt. Sylvia Wilson, and Capt. Leroy Armstrong (I think he was "volunteered" into service), we now have shelving in the Conference Room closet, on which they have organized and labeled our decorations. This will be the central repository of our seasonal decorations, rather than storing them in various (sometimes unknown) locations around the club. Thank you all for your hard work in accomplishing this worthwhile task.

I know this subject will be covered elsewhere in this issue, but I feel it can not be overemphasized. We, all BYC members, really need to support the Tacoma YC Daffodil Weekend as well as the Seattle YC Opening Day celebrations. If we expect other clubs to support our efforts for Heavy Weather, should we not do the same for them? Major events like these seem to have less and less participation and support over the past few years. It's time we reversed this trend. To that end, let's do our part and show up "en mass" at Tacoma and Seattle to support them. If you can't come by boat (that is the preferred method), come by car, truck, motorhome, M/C, bicycle, or whatever your mode of transportation, but come! You will not be disappointed, and will have a grand time. For you new members, here's an opportunity to get involved and have a wonderful weekend. After all, isn't that one of the reasons you joined BYC? Contacts for Daffodil are P/C Leo Longenecker and Capt. Jim Markham; for Opening Day, P/C Gary Carr. Or, contact your sponsor, or a Bridge Officer, if you have questions. We'll be glad to help you get into the swing of things.

One last reminder, only one more scheduled Work Party, May 15th and 16th, before the end of the fiscal year. If you don't have your sixteen hours of work party time completed, time is passing quickly. Contact Capt. Sherwood, the Work Party Chair, and make arrangements to fulfill your obligation. There are still lots of projects to complete before the summer cruising season arrives, and the Club will be in better shape, thanks to your efforts.

See you 'round the club,

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 March 2004