Although it may seem as though the year has just begun here at BYC, we have arrived at the time when we begin the search for members who are interested in serving the club in an elected capacity. With an eye toward our annual elections which occur during the first meeting in May, Commodore Bachman has appointed a Nominating Committee to begin the search for nominee candidates for the positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer and two seats on the Executive Committee. Each of these positions serves an important function in keeping BYC successfully operating throughout the year.

As you should be well aware, participation in the various aspects of BYC is all done on a voluntary basis. While your involvement at BYC is certainly not the same as holding a real job, you are a "co-owner" in this organization by virtue of your status as a club member. And this organization is one that is gradually evolving from a "casual, good ole boys" club in the early days to a small business greatly affected by a variety of factors, i.e., environmental requirements, taxes, insurance, major maintenance needs, capital improvements. As a "co-owner of BYC, you should have a vested interest in its optimum operation.

Since BYC is run by our membership, we all should consider what we can do to help it run better. In a volunteer organization like BYC, at one time or another, we all have to shoulder our share of the load. If you've had the luxury of enjoying the benefits provided by the club but have not yet stepped up to one of these guiding roles, this could be the right time for you; please consider doing so.

To indicate your interest in running for office or to get more information about what's involved in holding an office, please contact one of the Nominating Committee members prior to April 1: P/C Bob Wheeler, P/C Bill Rumbold or P/C Mike Henry

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Last Update: 12 February 2004