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Reports from the Bridge

17 October 2004

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Rod Perryman

Photo of Commodore

Now that we are well into the Fall like weather it is time to check your boat moorings. Look for worn mooring lines, make sure your mooring lines are not tied straight down to the dock cleat, but instead runs at a slight angle to the dock, this prevents the line from damaging your cleat or from pulling the dock cleat out. Boathouse chains should be out of the water, check for severe rust, make sure there is a rub strip between boathouse and dock whaler, to prevent chafing.

FIRE: We had another boat fire! A boat caught fire early Sunday morning on Oct.-17 th , thanks to early detection by Tammy Markham and swift action by Cpt Dale Fransen the fire was all but put-out by the time firefighters arrived. Thanks are in order to our Caretaker Donnie Sherwood who helped direct fire fighters to the boat. CAPTAINS while checking your boat moorings also check your boat electrical equipment. Check for warm power connections on the shore and on-board areas. Make sure you are in compliance with Float Electrical Service Regulation "B", following these steps will help prevent mishaps like the one mentioned above. Do not under any circumstances leave any heat producing device requiring mechanical movement of air unattended.

Dale Fransen recounts his steps trying to save that burning sailboat...
frustrated that the firemen first could not get onto the premises...
later happy finally to have found a reason to call the Commodore at three in the morning...

Salmon Bake (Click!)

Oktoberfest (Click!)
What a Salmon Bake put on by Cpt. Bob Stanberry and his committee! I donít know which is better the wonderful Alder cooked Salmon or the Hunter Brothers corn on the cob; I do know that BYC does better than what you would find any where else. Speaking of fine food, I donít think anybody can top our own Octoberfest, at least not when P/C Herr Wheeler and his lovely wife Jytte are doing the cooking. What wonderful, food that was; the Black Forest cake was a little bit of heaven, if you ask me. We are fortunate to have people like you and your fine committee.

A String Whaler replacement will begin on Oct-18th and take an estimated 3 weeks to complete, we are sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone, your patience is appreciated during this period.

Work on the A-String Whalers is well under way

TALL SHIPS will be in the Tacoma area with Tacoma Yacht Club as Host Club from June 30 to July 5. These Tall Ships will come from around the world. BYC along with the other Grand 14 Yacht Clubs have been asked to lend assistance that may be needed during the visit of these magnificent vessels. There is not much info at this time as to our club's involvement, but I will keep you posted.

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Posted: 17 October 2004