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21 June 2004

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Rod Perryman

Hopefully, by the time you read this article we will have new fuel piping installed. We appreciate your patience in this matter, but as we all know, this repair was a must.

What a Picnic in the Park! The team led by Capt. Don and Melinda Knapp did a great job with a committee that included a lot of new faces.

Photos: Sylvia Wilson
There were more than 55 members and guests in attendance. I have to hand it to our Vice Commodore. Way to go Charlie and Don!

Capt. Mike Knight introduced us to the new Youth Sailing Program Instructor, Nic Wayand. Nic hails from Pouslbo and is a graduate of the Youth Sailing Program at the Poulsbo Yacht Club. He has a lot of experience sailing and is very familiar with the DeWitt Dinghies that we use in our program. Actually, ours were purchased from the Poulsbo Yacht Club. If you know anyone that is interested in participating in the sailing program this summer, they need to hurry as there are only a few openings left. Nic, along with Eric Danielsen, his assistant for this season, gave us a sailing demonstration after dinner.

By the time you read this the Big Brother Cruise will be history. It was held June 25th through the 27th. We hosted Queen City Yacht Club this year. They are our "Big Brother" because they were instrumental in getting us started as a yacht club 75 years ago and making us part of the Grand 14 Yacht Clubs.

Next on the horizon will be an informal raft-up in Liberty Bay July 3rd for the fireworks display. I call this informal because there are no planned club activities. If you come, just look for the other BYC boats and anchor or raft up with the rest. Enjoy the show and have a good time.

August 20th to 22nd is the annual Grand 14 Officer's Cruise-In here at BYC. If you plan on being out of your slip for this time and don't mind someone using it for the weekend, I ask you to drop a line to Float Chairman P/C Gary Carr and allow him to compile a list of slips available.

FIRE! Yes there has been another Marina fire. This time it was Tacoma, next time, BYC? Captains, please check all of your AC electrical connections for burnt ends and make sure they are not warm to the touch. If there is any doubt with anything electrical in nature, take the prudent approach and replace the device. It is cheap insurance! Besides, your dock neighbors will love you for it.

That's about it from me for now. I hope you all have time to use your boats this summer and safe and happy cruising.

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Posted: 21 June 2004