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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-December 2003

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Bob Bachman

As you first pick up this newsletter your first thought will probably be "they changed the format again, and just when I was getting used to those three good looking guys". The truth of the matter is we sacrificed or, more correctly, were sacrificed from this cherished spot so that this special cover could announce and kick off a year long celebration of Bremerton Yacht Club’s 75th Anniversary. Throughout the coming year you will be seeing other special covers from time to time, anecdotal stories from the past as told by BYC brats and those ancient ones, the Whodats. We will be going through the archives in search of photos and artifacts and you may see a BYC trivia column such as "What club member was once known as Ensign Parsley?" There will be reflections from our past and maybe where we’re looking to be in the future. We will try to feature special sections in the months of our big events, such as the history of the Heavy Weather Log Race. What did our clubhouse look like in the past and how did it evolve to where it is today. Our floats didn’t always look like they do today nor did the fleet tied up there now. It will surprise you how things have changed over the years, some so gradually they weren’t noticed and some so dramatic they couldn’t be missed. These special articles will be indented so they will be suitable for putting in a three ring binder for your own personal history. 2004 is a Special Year. Help us celebrate it in style with your own personal contributions and ideas.

The Special People Cruise this year was a most memorable one and there were a number of firsts - Kitsap Access replaced Paratransit,the Spirit of 76 from Horluck Trans. participated for the first time in recent memory, our parking lot couldn’t get another bus in and most notable, we served well over 300 S.P. in the smoothest flow through our club that I’ve seen. Capt. Steve Stearns and his crew made it happen. Many thanks guys and gals.

Lighted Boats this year saw many new entries and new displays and delighted everyone on the shoreline and beyond.

December 14th saw the coming together of our BYC family for the celebration of our Annual Christmas Dinner. After dinner entertainment was enjoyable and Santa was pure delight.

The Daffodil Chair has recently reopened and I am looking for someone who likes to have fun and likes a little competitive challenge between yacht clubs. Everyone knows my number so call me if you are interested.

May all of you and yours enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

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Last revised: 16 December 2003