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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-January 2004

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Bob Bachman

Now that we’ve had our winter, I’m sure everyone’s thoughts are on spring. I say this because it snowed, it froze and tomorrow is the opening of the Boat Show, the Boat Show. All real boaters know the Boat Show is the opening bell for spring. Having a "new" boat with nothing on it, this writer is going to be like a kid in a toy store with a blank check – well, almost blank. My "banker" and I are still in negotiations over how many zeros I can have with that check. I was pleading helping the national economy, she was pleading helping the local economy, very local.

And speaking of local things, this will be my last Towline opportunity to remind everyone of BYC’s Main Event – Heavy Weather on February 13th, 14th, and 15th You don’t have to be a log racer to come out and enjoy. For example, Friday night is a light dinner and dancing. Saturday, the Skit seating opens at 1700 for a hilarious next couple of hours, followed by dancing and a late evening snack. Sunday, of course, is our world famous Heavy Weather Breakfast put on by Chef Dale Armstrong and crew, who, by the way, is in his 11th year of doing this. So see, there is something for everyone. Also, I’ll mention that this doesn’t all happen by magic. H/W is an ALL HANDS event. We need help from you, the members, to make it all happen. Lots of service points are available for those looking and for those not, we need your experience. Please sign on early with the Regatta Chairmen, Float and Work Party Chairmen, Fire Warden or see any Bridge Officer. Get involved – it’s your club and it is what you make it.

A couple of notes of interest. Our 75th Anniversary History continues this month with what else, but the history of the Heavy Weather Log Race. It will be on a 3 ring binder type page suitable for those wanting to keep it. The Executive Committee has been requested and has agreed to relinquish our use of VHF Channel 71. Reason for this – we are one of only three entities authorized legally to use Ch. 71 and the only Yacht Club. They want to set aside Ch. 71 for tug drivers and ships pilots for docking and maneuvering communications. Ch. 71 use also interferes with Comox Traffic when sailing up north. So, next Christmas, Santa will have to use another channel or get coal in HIS stocking.

A point of courtesy to your fellow members – cell phones OFF when attending ANY club meeting.

On the morning of January 8th., as in ‘o dark hundred’, we had a fuel system alarm trigger on the gate house at the top of the gangway. I was called and got the wheels rolling to address the situation and as it turned out discovered we had no emergency procedure written for when this happens. So, by the time you read this, one will be posted by the alarm on the gate house and also in the club store. This time it was only water from all the slush left behind after the snow that tripped the sensor, of which there are several, but it could have been the real thing, gas or diesel. Next time you go down to your boat or the store, take a moment and read it for the sake of the environment and for the solvency of your club.

Lastly, stop by the store and say hello and welcome to our new storekeeper, Chris Day. Chris has owned and operated her own business for 18 years, has held several management positions, 2 years of college, recently bought a home within 5 minutes of the club and is a longtime boater, mooring her 40 ft. power boat in Pt. Madison. For the time, store hours will remain 10 to 2, Tuesday through Saturday and fueling will still be by appointment in the book on the store counter.

I would like to thank Beth for once again filling in and also Marva McWaid, who now gets to retire again. Thank you, ladies.

Don’t forget – Heavy Weather needs you to both help and participate.

Bob Bachman

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Posted: 15 January 2004