Commodore's Ball 2004

Invitations: Sylvia Wilson

Bob & Gerri Bachman are driven in this 1929 vintage Ford from Brownsville to the Clubhouse and ...

are greeted and ...

honored by their Grand Fourteen peers and the BYC community.

Glimpses of the many Preparations....

3,4 & 5 June, 2004

The Folks in Charge

The Committee at Work

Introduction of (part of) the hard-working Committee

Photos: WebTeam, Charles Billings & Harry Davis.


June 5th is a night Gerri and I will long remember, thanks to the members and spouses of our club. Our Commodores Ball was wonderful from the moment we were picked up in the 1929 Model A Ford (what symbolism, the year of BYCís inception) to when we left around 1:00 A.M. The decorations, table settings, band, food and mostly, the people, were perfect. Thank you one and all and in particular, the committee and especially our friends, P/C Bill and Lynne Rumbold, who brought it all together. It couldnít have been better, it was fabulous!! Gerri and I keep a calendar of memorable events in our lives since we were married and I can assure you this one will be highlighted and underlined. Gerri just reminded me that since Iím no longer Commodore I canít go on and on and since Iím not yet a P/C they wonít give me a mike so I will end here with saying once again, THANK YOU!!

EX Commodore Bob and Gerri Bachman

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Last updated: 15 June 2004