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18 July 2004

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Rod Perryman
Photo of Commodore

I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful cruising season so far this summer. I know all this beautiful weather has been perfect for our Youth Sailing program, and I wanted to take a moment to thank those who have volunteered their time assisting in this program, keep up the good work. The fuel piping replacement is now complete. Thanks are in order to Pacific Environmental for a professional installation. An even bigger thank you is in order for Cpt. Dana Cutting for taking on the task as Project Manager of this very important project, and seeing it through to completion. The club is better off for the amount of effort and personal time you spent on this project, again thanks.

Since I am on the subject of volunteering, your club needs just that. If you read last months Towline you noticed the Railway Chairman Cpt. Dunn asking for additional railway committee members. With each haul out or in a committee member performs he/she receives .1 point per operation with no limit on the number of operations performed. The more active you are the more points you can accumulate each month toward moorage assignments, haul-outs, etc. So, newer members, give Cpt Dunn a call. The Waste Water committee Chairman Cpt Cordodor is also looking for additional committee members. Show some spirit in your Club and give one or both of these committee chairs a call.

NOW HEAR THIS, BYC needs your help! As you may have already read in the last issue of the Towline in the Rear Commodores Article, BYC's members information ie. The annual, master membership list, has numerous errors and omissions. Everyone reading this issue of the Towline needs to update their personal information, as the Annual and Chairmans list has numerous errors. Check the Annual and with the Treasurer to see if the current information we have for you is in fact correct.

On the horizon, 1 August is the BYC Fishing Derby. Chairman Brett Halfman assures me of some good prizes, and Barney Smith says there will be fish out there, so grab your fishing pole and be on the water for the Derby. August 6th thru 8th is the Grand 14 Officers Cruise-In. Next is the BYC Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay. On September 3 thru 6, Whew, where did Summer go? Fleet Cpt Steve Stearns has a good cllection of prizes already for the games to be held during this weekend. Those planning on attending should sign-up at the club. There is also a sign-up sheet for the Annual Anderson Island Parade which is always a lot of fun. See you there!

Glad to See Linda Bourbolis back home after illness and Sharon Sherwood is doing well now.

Angela and I hope to see on the water.
Rod Perryman

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Posted: 20 July 2004