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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-August 2003

* * *
Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

September is here before we know where we are. I like to think of September not as the end to summer, but a beginning to the fall season when so much happens here at BYC. The last "Picnic in the Park", held on August 20th, was enjoyed by over 60 attendees. An enormous Thank You to chairman Capt. Mike Dunn for stepping up to taking the lead for the last picnic of the season. Capt. Dunn must have a pretty good reputation for putting on a good picnic or was it the mention of barbequed ribs? Whatever it was it was another fine event put on by another great committee. If any of you new or not so new members would like to chair any of the up coming events let me know. Remember it may be a challenge but the rewards are great.

The next scheduled club event will be the Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay Outstation on August 29th to September1st. Please make sure you sign-up as soon as possible, this makes the Fleet Captains job much easier in planning for the event. You will find the sign-up sheet in the lounge next to the store. Don't forget to bring tools and materials to help in building the clubs float for the Anderson Island parade, the theme this year is Aviation, the 100th anniversary of flight by the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, N.C. Bremerton Yacht Club has participated in the Anderson Island Parade for the past few years. It is always a good time. May I suggest that you get into the spirit and wear something in tune with the theme for this year.

The Salmon Bake is scheduled for September 7. Captain Bob Stanberry will chair this event for the second year in a row. This event is always very popular for members and guests, so I suggest that you sign up as soon as possible. There will be the famous Alder grilled Salmon accompanied by the wonderful corn freshly picked that morning and all the other wonderful accompanyments that we all love. My mouth is watering already. September 21st from 9am to 11am will be the first Sunday morning breakfast. Capt Jim Markham will be rustling-up the grub so I know it will be a good one. Remember there are no sign-up sheets for the breakfasts just come and enjoy.

On another note I want to drop a friendly reminder to those bringing pets to the club. Pet owners, like myself, know the joy that having and caring for a pet brings to us, but to keep from being discourteous to other members while we visit the club please keep pets on a leash at all times when on the club grounds, floats etc, and remember to clean-up after them. Please be responsible for your own pet. That's all I have for now boating fans.

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Last revised: 13 November 2003