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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-September 2003

* * *
Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

Here we are with summer almost over and most of the long range cruising members back safely at their home port of B Y C. Just in time to start enjoying the Fall social calendar. I want to extend a big thank you to all the members that helped out with the summer activities.

Capt Jim Markham and First Mate Tammy, and his fine committee did a terrific job of putting on our first Picnic in the Park in June. Even the rainy weather did not deter the festivities. The Picnic in the Park turned into Picnic in Doors at the last minute due to rain, but everyone still enjoyed a great feast in the outback. A big thank you also goes to Capt. Terry Ellingson and his First Mate Elaine who stepped in at the last minute to take over the July Picnic in the Park and along with his committee did a fine job. The August Picnic with those mouth watering ribs was chaired by Capt. Mike Dunn and First Mate Abbie. I understand Capt. Jim Markham has the secret recipe for the sauce. They did something right as 95 members attended the last Picnic. A big thanks to all of those involved in putting on these events. Of course summer isn't over at BYC until the Salmon Bake. Once again, for the second year in a row, chaired by Capt Bob Stanberry and his First Mate Stephanie and his fine committee. The best salmon dinner in these parts was enjoyed by over 125 people. Again, a big thank you to all our members who volunteered their time to put on these events.

While I'm handing out thank yous. What a >terrific Labor Day Cruise we had. Good food and company does it every time. A great job by our Fleet Capt. Doug Sanford and his Cruise Capt. Jim Markham and their dedicated committee in seeing that the 30 boatloads of 55 plus people had a great time on the dock and in the park. We also had a great turn-out for the Anderson Island parade. BYC has been participating in the Anderson Island Parade ever since the outstation began. This years theme was "100 Years of Aviation". Capt. Gary Carr and First Mate Jo, helped to organize the clubs entry this year. Capt. Bryan Goldens' pick-up truck was nicely decorated as our main float entry being a passenger jet with wings and engines, passengers, and even Amelia Earhardt was seen piloting the float. Not to be outdone, our Commodore Bob Bachman and his wife Gerri got into the act and I do mean got into the act. The duo was seen gliding down the parade route piloting their own by-planes. Commodore Bob, is fondly remembered by the island folk as "Legs".


Our first Sunday Morning breakfast is scheduled for Sept 21st. Chaired by Capt. Jim Markham, it is guaranteed to be a fine meal served and an even better time had by the committee, putting it on. Remember there are no sign-up sheets for breakfasts, just come and get it between 8am-10am. Oct 10th we will roll out the barrels and breakout your Lederhosen for the Octoberfest. Be sure you sign-up for this one, as this is how the committee decides on the amount of food and beer to purchase. Capt. Bob Wheeler and his First Mate Jytte will once again bring us our great time and wonderful German cuisine.

Oct 17-19 will be a Club Cruise to Bell Harbor Marina.(Cancelled!) This cruise is designed for everyone to do what they feel like doing since the only activity planned is a pot luck on the dock . Sign-up and cruise over and have a good time in Seattle. We did have a scheduling snafu on this one as this is also the same weekend as the Fall Work Party, sorry Don. Oct 26th BYC Sunday Breakfast.8am-10am. Chairman: Betty Smith

Oct 31st will be the Friday night social/Halloween Party. Come costumed if you want to compete for the "Best Costume Contest". Look for the flyer in the clubhouse for details on this event. On Nov 1 we are putting together a "Wine Tasting Tour" of some Olympic Peninsula Wineries. Transportation will be a chartered bus and we will visit 3 wineries in the area of Sequim and Port Townsend. Reservations have been made for lunch at a waterfront restaurant. Look for the flyer in the club house for more details. The trip comes with its own designated driver so everyone can relax and enjoy all the fine wines this region offers.

Nov 7 is "New Members Nite". Come out and get aquainted with our new BYC members.

Nov 16th BYC Sunday Breakfast 8am-10am Chairman: Steve Stearns. Please remember, Committees always need more help. Consider contacting a committee chair person and volunteer. It is not much time to spend, and trust me you will feel good about yourself for giving that extra effort for your club.


When using the pressure washer to clean your boat remember to follow all instructions posted on the wall near the controls.Following these instructions will help prevent damaging the very expensive high pressure pump, which has just been put back in service after an $1100 overhaul.

Each second the pump is running and the pressure wand trigger is not depressed, the pump body O-rings are being overheated and damaged and eventual pump failure is hastened. Remember it is your equipment, so treat it with respect.

A word on safety: Before starting the pump take a moment to layout the pressure hose so it won't kink or get caught on any sharp corners; every time it is jerked or pulled hard, the high pressure hose is damaged. This is not only injurious to the hose but is also unsafe to the user, as this hose has 3500lbs of pressure. Be safe and take care of your expensive investment.

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Last revised: 13 November 2003