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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-October 2003

* * *
Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

Winter is fast approaching which brings me to my first topic, proper mooring of your vessel. Now that we are beginning to experience winter weather it is time for us all to check our vessel and boathouse moorings. This is important to both you and your vessels well being.

Taking these precautions now will ensure a safe harbor for your boat and will protect both you an your neighbors from problems from severe winter weather. Don't leave it for someone else who notices it during windy weather be prepared and take care of it now.

A quick check list for properly mooring your vessel:

  1. Inspect mooring lines for fraying, rot, and proper size, proper amount of tightness, and adjust as necessary
  2. Never tie a mooring line to any portion of the dock except a cleat, sampson post or piling hoop. Do not tie to lite stantions, club cover structure, etc.
  3. Mooring lines should be tied running at a gradual downward angle from your boats cleat to the docks cleat. Tying straight down from the boat to the dock is destructive to the cleats on the dock as well as the boats cleats, not to mention your mooring lines.
  4. The number and size of your mooring lines may have been minimally adequate for summer, but you may want to re-evaluate there adequacy for our winter weather. As it may be necessary to go up a size or add a line or two.

The volunteer spirit in our club is alive and well, just look at the fine job newer members are doing for us. Capt Jim and Tammi Markham chaired the Sept 21 Sunday morning breakfast and what a fine job they and their committee did with freshly made scones and just about anything else you could think of for breakfast. You newer members out there, contact your sponsors and learn how to get more involved in your club. Sponsors contact the members you just sponsored and get them involved more actively in your club, have them contact an event, committee chairman and get involved with club activities. Remember it is you that help guide this club and chart its next moves. You can't pilot a ship you aren't familiar with.

P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler brought you what I would call one of our signature events, OKTOBERFEST on Oct 10th, what a meal, all home made except for the beer of course, but what an event put on by them and their committee, one more time please!

The Oct 17-19 Bell Harbor Cruise was unfortunately canceled due to the weather.

Oct 26th will be the next Sunday morning breakfast with Capt Betty and Paul Smith chairing and along with their fine committee will bring you a fine breakfast.

Oct 31st Halloween Friday night social was canceled due to lack of participation.

Nov 1st will be the BYC wine tour. Cruise Olympic Peninsula wineries via motor coach and dine in scenic Port Townsend, sign-up in the clubhouse. The bus is scheduled to depart BYC at 9am and arrive back at the club at 6pm, we have dinner reservations at the Benson Hotel on Port Townsend waterfront.

Nov 7th is new members night, come out and welcome the newer members, inform them about your club and have a good time. Capt Steve and Laurie Stearns are chairing.

Nov 16th is our November Sunday morning breakfast with Capt Steve and Laurie Stearns chairing. Heavy Weather will be here before you know it, so for all the theatrically inclined, this years theme is "Old Navy". I am looking for a Skit Chairman, contact me if you are interested.

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Last revised: 13 November 2003