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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-September 2003

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Bob Bachman

The year is off to a flying start. I’m told I set a record for the longest General Meeting but only by THREE minutes. I think there must be some mistake. I’m sure it was at least ten or twelve, but, regardless, a lot of ground was covered at the meeting. We also had one of the better turn outs for the first meeting of the year. An active membership is healthy for any organization. I hope it continues, because this is your club and you should take pride in your ownership of such a fine facility.

Over the summer your Executive Committee and others have been hard at work on many issues and projects. The Facility Manager search is continuing as we look for the right person to fill our needs. We are currently doing background checks to be certain that the candidates who have made the ‘short’ list are bondable and insurable. It is hoped that the restructuring of this position will greatly benefit the club in many ways. In the same vein, the apartment remodeling is nearing completion after some delay due to unforeseen and unexpected problems. In the words of our Work Party Chairman, "it was a CATastrophy". Capt. Jerry Lindberg has been our Project Manager in charge of Whodat Construction Co. And is doing a very professional job in making the apartment a very nice place to live. Thanks guys, what would we do without you.

The fuel dock will be getting a much needed facelift. Hoses, reels and faces on the pump are to be replaced and are on order. We are also narrowing the search for the components and software to convert the fuel dock to self service 24-7. More to come on that down the road.

Most of you are probably not aware that during the period while we are looking for our Facility Manager, Capt. Roger Horne, our Security Chairman, has put together a team of live aboards who have been providing our floats, grounds and club house security. Many thanks to P/C Keith Conrad, Capts. Pat Alexander, Dave Hamilton, Bob McWaid, Clyde Sanford, Barney Shaw and Jack Stanberry. Thank you all for giving of your time for our club.

Our Environmental Chairman, Capt. Chuck Silvernail, has an article in the Towline this month. I hope you will all read and heed as this convenient benefit is being abused by some but it costs all of us when it is.

This summer Capt. Bill Underdown was obligated to membership and at the first General Meeting Capts. Jerry Piotrowski and Ron Cleave were welcomed into membership. Please make them feel welcome when you see them around the club.

Our first meeting in October will be a dinner meeting beginning at 6:30 sharp and pay at the door. We will have Mr. Dick Hayes of Kitsap Transit as our speaker. I’m sure you will want to hear his transportation vision for Kitsap Co. before the General Election the next day. Hearing as many sides of an issue as possible makes for an informed electorate.

After a beautiful summer for cruising I thought for sure we would have at least a few letters of nomination for the Goat Flag, but, alas, there were none. The day was not lost however, as P/C Leo Longnecker quickly submitted a letter of confession to a mishap he had this summer. Since the Regulations do not allow for a guilty plea, as I’m certain our honored forefathers, even in their wildest dreams, could not envision anyone ‘fessing up to an unusual or ‘different’ ability in Seamanship in handling his boat.. As a result, the P/C will be putting on a defense in his behalf at the October 6th dinner meeting so this should be a doubly interesting evening.

On October 24th and 25th, the Skipperettes will be putting on a Treasure Room Gift Bazaar. On the 24th from 5:00 to 7:00 they will have a BYC-members-only preview sale along with, for those desiring and $5.00, a chili dinner with dessert. On Saturday, the 25th it will be open to the public. This is our opportunity to come out and support our ladies for a change, in their fund raising efforts. Start your Holiday shopping here.

A final note - the Fishbowl was won by Capt. Woody Woodworth on the second draw. Congratulations, Woody. And for those who may have forgotten, last year the membership voted to raise the Fishbowl donation to $1.00.

Fair winds and calm seas to all.

Bob Bachman

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Last revised: 18 September 2003