September 2003

Selected Towline Reports for September 2003

[These reports have been assembled independently in order to make them available at the earliest possible time. Thus, they have not yet been subjected to the expert editorial pen of the Towline Editor]

Towline Editor: Harry Davis [sailaway@charter.net]

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  1. Bob Bachman, Commodore
  2. Rod Perryman, Vice Commodore
  3. Charles Billings, Rear Commodore
  4. Ron Morse, Secretary
  5. Float Committee Report
  6. Skipperettes
  7. The Fleet Captain's Locker
  8. Regatta For Sail
  9. Regatta for Power
  10. Annual Chair

  11. From your WebTeam 
  12. Now Hear This!

  13. Picnics, Cruises & Other News

Reports from the Bridge

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Bob Bachman

Awaiting Report

4 August 2003 1300: Commodore Bob Bachman returns from California with his 'new' My Lady. Report to follow!

Bob Bachman

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore
As you read this September issue of the Towline, can you believe that August is over? What a summer we have had! And the Fall looks to be just as good, according to the weather prognosticators. How fortunate we are to live in, and are able to enjoy the waters of, the Puget Sound region of the good ol’ USA.

Another fortunate asset we have is the ice machine in the basement of the club. It is unfortunate that we have some members, who for whatever reason feel that they are above the "rules" for use of the ice machine. Three days before the Officers Cruise-In, I happened to walk down to check the bagged ice level of the freezer. To my surprise, there were exactly 12 bags of ice in the freezer, and the ice machine was completely full of ice. To my thinking, this is inexcusable….do our members think so little of each other that they can’t fill "two for one" for their fellow members? What happened to common courtesy and consideration of others?

Margot Hamilton happened to come down stairs right after me, offered to help, and the two of us bagged ice for the next hour or so, using every cube in the machine, and still managed to fill the freezer to only half full. Thank you, Margot, for your help and concern!

A reminder (in addition to the signs posted), members should take a maximum of two bags a day. If you take a bag, fill two for the freezer. If you take two, fill four for the freezer. And remember, ice is for the use of club members for club and boating activities, not to fill a cooler or several bags to take home for use there. If you'’re financially unable to purchase it at the local grocery store or Cash & Carry, call me, I’ll lend you the couple of bucks ‘till you get on your feet.

Through the efforts of "a few good men" under the able leadership of Capt. Don Sherwood, the renovation of the apartment is progressing, although slower than some of the "who-dats" would like. Don says the plan has been finalized and he hopes to have it in a habitable condition by October, but just like the galley, there are always surprises that jump up during the process. Anyone who would like to help, please contact him.

Remember, our first General Meeting in the Fall is 15 September ..... "Be there, or be square" as the old saying goes.

See you ‘round the club.

Charles Billings
Rear Commodore

Other Reports

FROM: the Secretary

Highlights from the Executive Committee Meeting of 11 August 2003

Capt. R.P. Morse


July/August Float Committee Report

FROM:  Skipperettes


Sandy Baker, President

FROM: Regatta for Sail

FROM: Regatta for Power 

FROM: the Annual Chair:

Important Message from the Annual / Year Book Editor : The annual team has been putting together the new 03-04 annual. The annual should be ready for distribution around the first of October.

This year we will not be sending out letters requesting your information as in the past. Here are some choices how can make it happen...

  1. Drop off your labeled photos and changes in the annual box at the club.
  2. Call me before 8:30 PM weeknights for text changes.
  3. E-mail me your digital photos or changes.
  4. Mail your labeled photos or information to BYC, attn. Annual Chairman.

Due to unwanted junk-mail and personal security issues, please contact me using my phone / e-mail number in in last years annual.

The final deadline for any changes for the new annual is Friday 29 August 2003 1600 (4:00 PM), please make a note of this.

Thank you,
Annual Chairman, Captain Bret Halffman

FROM: Your WebTeam

As you may have noticed, the Webteam has increased its capacity to provide almost instant information about BYC events and other urgent matters, i.e. we can update our BYC WebPage on a (more or less) daily, sometimes on an hourly basis.

That should mean that the BYC Page could become more useful as an (almost) real-time communication tool for scheduling committee meetings and events, changing meeting schedules, providing minutes of meetings for absent members or posting other time-sensitive information.

You may want to discuss this with your committee, identify those members who may still have to be notified through other means, and decide to give it a try. Who knows, you may like it... Contact the WebTeam (bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org), discuss your needs and maybe make arrangements as to where within the BYC WebSystem your committee information could be located or how it should be linked. Looking forward hearing from you!

The BYC Webteam is always looking for all kinds of contributions and new ideas: From artwork (to help spruce up the web page), to photos of recent or historical events or sights, to travel or committee reports. Any information which would make life easier for new members would be most welcome.

Also, we would like to remind all members that we are looking for volunteers for working on the web page or particular parts of it. If you would be interested in learning more about HTML or how to setup and modify web pages, contact bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org We are also looking for people that might be interested in scanning or typing in some of the paper history of BYC suitable for web access or other electronic storage of the club history.

If you like messing around with the computer, this can be a nice way to earn points.  It is also a lot cleaner work than scrapping barnacles... 

Finally, do not forget to check the web page regularly for upcoming events. Again, if you want to add something (however small or short) to the web page, contact the Webteam via the web page or directly via Email (bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org). We've received some very favorable comments, and we want to keep it that way by making sure the web page is current and relevant to members.

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