July 2003

Selected Towline Reports for July 2003

[These reports have been assembled independently in order to make them available at the earliest possible time. Thus, they have not yet been subjected to the expert editorial pen of the Towline Editor]

Towline Editor: Harry Davis [sailaway@charter.net]

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  1. Bob Bachman, Commodore
  2. Rod Perryman, Vice Commodore
  3. Charles Billings, Rear Commodore
  4. Awards Night 2003 [June Towline]
  5. Ron Morse, Secretary
  6. Float Committee Report
  7. Skipperettes
  8. The Fleet Captain's Locker
  9. Regatta For Sail
  10. Regatta for Power
  11. Annual Chair

  12. From your WebTeam 
  13. Now Hear This!

Reports from the Bridge

* * *
Bob Bachman
By the time you read this, the longest day of the year will have come and gone, the days will be getting shorter, and you'll be saying "where is the summer going to. I haven't even gotten my summer cruising in yet." Scary thought, huh? Well, as people rush out and fill up all the marinas, remember, there is always the tranquility of Oro Bay awaiting. Use it. It's there, it's yours and it's wonderful.

And, speaking of Oro Bay, Memorial Day was commemorated by BYC there this year. Lots of 'new' faces showed up that we haven't seen on a cruise in a long time.
Photo: Harry Davis

HIAQUA at Oro Bay
(Memorial Day 2003)
Welcome back! It was a wonderful weekend and the weather cooperated, too. The highlight event was the ceremonial laying of wreaths on the water to remember the supreme sacrifices made by the men and women of the armed services in guaranteeing the lifestyle we enjoy today. There were about 15 dinghies circled on the water and an individual wreath was laid for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the United Nations soldiers. Our Chaplain, Capt. Al Gonzales, delivered a prayer which was followed by Taps. It was a moving ceremony and a fitting tribute I hope will continue. Too many people think Memorial Day is just another holiday and never consider the significance of the day. [

The new year has just begun and already our Membership Chairman, Capt. Chuck Silvernail has a prospect in the pipeline. The word must be getting out what BYC has to offer and what a fine group of people empower it.

The rip out and reconstruction of the caretakers quarters has begun. Volunteer help during the summer is imperative if we want this operation up and running soon. See Work Party Chair Capt. Don Sherwood.

Fuel service is available weekdays via a sign up book on the club store counter. Saturday fuel is available from 0800 to 1200. Sign up is not necessary on Saturday.

The Youth Sailing Program is getting close to kicking off. If you haven't signed your kids, grand kids, neighbor kids or any other kids you know that might be interested, you'd better hurry. Classes are filling and if you want a particular week due to vacation or whatever, see Capts. Joe Payne or Mark Danielson soon. Joe tells me they might even schedule an adult class. So, if you've ever wondered but didn't know how to sail, here's your chance. Let him know soon so he can get working on it early.

Big Brother cruise with our sister, excuse me, our brother club, Queen City is coming on the 27th through the 29th at their outstation in Eagle Harbor. Always loads of fun!

If you don't have your picture in the Annual or if the info has changed, please contact Capt. Bret Halffman as he and his crew are working overtime to get the Annual out early this year.

Remember, take pride in your Club. It is what we make it.

Bob Bachman

* *
Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore
Wow! What a way to kick off the cruising season! Our Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay was a memorable one. Great food, good company, fine conversation, and I don't know about you, but what great naps I have at our BEAUTIFUL OUTSTATION. Our Fleet Captain, Doug Sanford did a great job providing us with everything needed for a wonderful time. There was only one boat that had any trouble on this cruise, they ran out of fuel about half way home, but thanks to Capt. Jim Markham and his wife Tammy , they were safely towed to their moorage at B.Y.C.

By the time you read this you would have already had the opportunity to enjoy the first picnic in the park or "Picnic in the Australian Outback", chaired by Capt. Jim Markham. A wonderful time had by all in attendance I'm sure.

Our Big Brother Cruise to Queen City Yacht Clubs Outstation in Eagle Harbor June 27 thru 29. Be sure to sign up at the clubhouse. Queen City does a fantastic job of hosting this joint club cruise to Bainbridge Island. Food and fun for all.

Looking ahead. There will be an unofficial cruise to Liberty Bay on July 3 for a star raft up for the fire works display. Later, on July 16, is our second Picnic in the Park. On August 20th is the next Picnic in the Park. This time get out your Western hats and boots for Al Gonzales' Country Western Pork Rib BBQ. Al never disappoints us with his great cooking so plan to join in. Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay is August 29 thru Sept 1. More on this cruise later.

I would like to invite any of our newer members to join in on our club events. There is always room for another pair of hands, not to mention, it is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow club members. Please get in touch with me if you are considering either chairing or helping on any upcoming events, such as Picnics in the Park, Friday Night Socials, etc. Angela and I have enjoyed immensely the times we have worked on committees. We have made countless friendships that were developed through serving the club in this capacity not to mention all the fun had along the way. Please feel free to give me a call.

That's all from me for now. Smooth sailing this summer, and to you all this season, please be safe out there on the water. See you out there.

That's it from me this time, I'll see you on the water.

Rod Perryman
Vice Commodore

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

Awaiting article

Photo: Harry Davis

Charles Billings
Rear Commodore

Other Reports

From the Secretary
Points of interest from the last Executive Committee meeting

Highlights of the Executive Committee Meeting 9 June 2003

  • Dr. William Underdown introduced for membership.
  • Executive Committee Chairmen announced for 2003 - 2004.
  • Application for "on site service" by Gig Harbor Yacht Sales - Poulsbo approved.
  • Request by Capt Ed Schmid to be excused from work party requirements during period of his extensive cruise approved.
  • Capt Leedy reported the new filter system for waste water was working well and should save money over the prior system.
  • Continued discussion over the float fire main system and need for a plan to remedy ASAP. V/C Perryman for action.
  • Continued discussion of Caretaker status, quarters refurbishment, fuel system delivery renovation, and Club Store operation. Awaiting Planning Committee recommendations.
  • Voted to bill 18 members for failure to complete work party time commitment.
  • Voted to bill 2 members for failure to notify the Railway Chairman they would not be using the railway time they signed for.
  • Voted to continue membership in the NW Marine Trade Association.
  • Discussion of the DNR survey due by 1 July.

R.P. Morse


June Float Committee Report

FROM:  Skipperettes


At our May Mother's Day and Past Presidents' Luncheon, Sharon Billings, wife of Rear Commodore Charlie Billings, became a member of Skipperettes. There were thirteen Past Presidents of Skipperettes attending this luncheon.

We were pleased to have our Ex-Commodore Bill Rumbold and Ex-Vice Commodore Bob Bachman, along with their wives, at our Cinco de Mayo WIC luncheon May 8th. And, again many thanks to the Skupperettes for all their help.

The Skipperette Bazaar will be October 25th, and we will be accepting craft and food items on consignment as well as donations for this event. Fun work parties from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. are scheduled for June 24th, July 22nd, August 12th and August 26th. For information on the Bazaar contact Lynne Rumbold, chairman, or Gerri Bachman.

Gerri Bachman's Sangria Punch was a big hit at our WIC luncheon as well as at Awards Night, and several requests were made for the recipe, so here it is:

Sangria Punch
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups orange juice
1 bottle of sangria or fruity wine (4/5 qt.)
1/2 cup orange flavored liqueur

Dissolve sugar in orange juice, add to wine and liqueur. Stir well and chill. This is best made a day ahead so flavors blend. Garnish with fresh orange slices. Serve over ice.

Regatta for Sail

Regatta for Power  July 2003
Sunday, May 18th was the BYC Ladies Day Log race in which the ladies skipper the boat during the race, and we just went along for the ride. This is always a good time, and this year we had some very strong currents to add to the challenge. The top three lady skippers were as follows:
  • 1st Overall - Sharon Leedy on Sea Trust II with an error of 2.9649 %.
  • 2nd Overall - Kathy Slater on Jubilee with an error of 3.1466 %.
  • 3rd Overall - Lynne Rumbold on Sundance with a error of 4.5875

One BYC skipper (myself) entered the South Sound Filucy Bay Log Race held on June 7th, and run out of Longbranch. This was a fun race, with 15 boats entered, with the awards dinner being a potluck. We did trophy, with a 1st in Class 3 with an error of 1.0401 %.

Local log racing has taken its normal summer break, with the next IPBA north sound race in September, at Seattle Yacht Clubs Port Madison outstation. This race is always a good one, and is one big super social event. There is one race this summer, the IPBA International Cruiser Race (ICR), and is a must race for anyone chasing the IPBA points.

The ICR will start in Anacortes at Cap Sante Marina on Saturday, July 12th, and run to Friday Harbor that day. Then on Sunday, July 13th, it will continue from Friday Harbor to the Port Sidney Marina in British Columbia. The points received are 2.25 times the normal points for this one race, and this year the normal entry fee has being waived. This race is always a lot of fun, and after the race you could stay and cruise around the area for awhile.


Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

From the Annual Chair:

Important Message from the Annual / Year Book Editor : The annual team has been putting together the new 03-04 annual. The annual should be ready for distribution around the first of October.

This year we will not be sending out letters requesting your information as in the past. Here are some choices how can make it happen...

  1. Drop off your labeled photos and changes in the annual box at the club.
  2. Call me before 8:30 PM weeknights for text changes.
  3. E-mail me your digital photos or changes.
  4. Mail your labeled photos or information to BYC, attn. Annual Chairman.

Due to unwanted junk-mail and personal security issues, please contact me using my phone / e-mail number in in last years annual.

The final deadline for any changes for the new annual is Friday 29 August 2003 1600 (4:00 PM), please make a note of this.

Thank you,
Annual Chairman, Captain Bret Halffman

From: Your WebTeam

As you may have noticed, the Webteam has increased its capacity to provide almost instant information about BYC events and other urgent matters, i.e. we can update our BYC WebPage on a (more or less) daily, sometimes on an hourly basis.

That should mean that the BYC Page could become more useful as an (almost) real-time communication tool for scheduling committee meetings and events, changing meeting schedules, providing minutes of meetings for absent members or posting other time-sensitive information.

You may want to discuss this with your committee, identify those members who may still have to be notified through other means, and decide to give it a try. Who knows, you may like it... Contact the WebTeam (bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org), discuss your needs and maybe make arrangements as to where within the BYC WebSystem your committee information could be located or how it should be linked. Looking forward hearing from you!

The BYC Webteam is always looking for all kinds of contributions and new ideas: From artwork (to help spruce up the web page), to photos of recent or historical events or sights, to travel or committee reports. Any information which would make life easier for new members would be most welcome.

Also, we would like to remind all members that we are looking for volunteers for working on the web page or particular parts of it. If you would be interested in learning more about HTML or how to setup and modify web pages, contact bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org We are also looking for people that might be interested in scanning or typing in some of the paper history of BYC suitable for web access or other electronic storage of the club history.

If you like messing around with the computer, this can be a nice way to earn points.  It is also a lot cleaner work than scrapping barnacles... 

Finally, do not forget to check the web page regularly for upcoming events. Again, if you want to add something (however small or short) to the web page, contact the Webteam via the web page or directly via Email (bycwebteam@bremertonyachtclub.org). We've received some very favorable comments, and we want to keep it that way by making sure the web page is current and relevant to members.

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