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Towline Articles for January 2003:
Towline Editor: Harry Davis []
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Table of Contents:

  1. Bill Rumbold, Commodore
  2. Bob Bachman, Vice Commodore
  3. Rod Perryman, Rear Commodore
  4. December Float Committee Report
  5. Skipperettes
  6. The Fleet Captain's Locker
  7. Regatta For Sail
  8. Regatta for Power
  9. Heavy Weather
  10. Special People Cruise 
  11. Annual is done
  12. From your WebTeam 

From:  Bill Rumbold, Commodore

The month of December went by so fast with so many fantastic events that as I sit back and relax (finally) I am in awe of the energy and enthusiasm that is displayed by the amazing folks of BYC. The efforts that were put into decorating the clubhouse by our Rear Commodore Rod Perryman and his wonderful wife, Angela. The organization that Mike and Sharon Leedy put into the Special Peoples Cruise took the usual chaos of assigning the Special People to the skippers and the boats and reduced it to a manageable level - a great job, well done Mike! Then before the dust had settled and my boat engine had a chance to cool, Mike Thomas had the Lighted Boat Parade underway. A great turn out by many of our skippers, and the boats all looked magnificent. 

I had asked Elliot Gregg of the credit union to conduct a judging from his house on Oyster Bay on Saturday evening of the parade. He had a large gathering that night and the judging was fierce and unbiased except from the French judge, but she was tossed into the Bay. The outcome of the judging was revealed by Elliot at the Christmas Dinner when Jim Griffith, with his "Boat of Many Stars," received a plaque for "the Best Decorated Boat."

The Christmas Dinner was served by the bridge, executive committee and flag officers to 113 hungry members and was directed by my Commander-In-Chief. Lynne, you did an outstanding job directing and choreographing the dinner's presentation. I am glad all the events are now over as our house can finally return to normal. Anyone who stopped by over the past  weeks saw large boxes of gifts for the Special People, cans of sweet potatoes, cases of wine and numerous other things scattered all over. I thought at one point we were competing with Costco! 

The clubhouse has quieted down and the "who dats" can now enjoy their cups of coffee without the ringing of the telephone, or being told to move so the decorations can be hung, or the furniture moved for tomorrow's event.

But this is just the lull before the storm! We have already begun planning for Heavy Weather weekend, Daffodil and Opening Day! All you committee chairs mark your calendar for our second planning meeting for Heavy Weather to be held on Tuesday, 21 January at 1900. Tacoma Yacht Club has announced their theme for Daffodil - "Its Magic" and Seattle has picked the theme of "Off to the Races" for Opening Day. 

Lynne and I want to close out 2002 with a wish that all you members of our yacht club family have a happy, prosperous, and peaceful new year! May the year 2003 bring you and your families the best of everything that this great nation of ours can bestow upon you.  Make a lot of resolutions for the betterment of your family, yourself and your club and make sure you keep them all! 

Bill Rumbold

From: Bob Bachman, Vice Commodore

Well, 2002 is just about in the books and we finished it out with a flourish of activity. December is, by far, BYC's busiest month. The Special People Cruise was a big success with 36 boats participating. Capt. Mike Leedy said he would have been hard pressed to squeeze in one more boat. Thank you to all who participated.

The following weekend was our Lighted Boat Parade with 27 boats turning out each night and the weather was perfect just like I ordered it. Capt. Jim Griffith took 1st place with his beautifully done boatload of stars. Congrats, Jim!

The 15th was our scrumptious Christmas Dinner. If you missed it you missed a fabulous meal and entertainment. Santa arrived after dinner with the biggest elf I've ever seen and a bagful of laughs. This was also the time that we dedicated our beautiful new galley to our present and future members. To all who participated over the last 1 ½ years and especially to my Project Manager, Capt. Dale Armstrong, who, incidentally seems to have acquired a nickname along the way, I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude and thanks for a job more than well done. We quite literally couldn't have done it without all the help we had. What a club!!

December 31st brings our New Years Eve party. Check the flyer in this issue. What a way to see the old year out and the new one in. Hard to match what we offer for 50 bucks in Kitsap County.

Starting off January, we have the P/C Cruise In to Queen City Y. C. outstation in Eagle Harbor. The first general meeting on January 6th is the time for railway sign up. This year it will be based on points as approved by a vote of the membership at the December 16th general meeting. It is requested that those who are retired, work nights or have the flexibility to take a few days off during the week sign up for weekday haul outs, leaving the weekends for those who don't meet the criteria above. It is a courtesy to your fellow member.

January 10 would normally be called our Taco Feed Social but this year it will be Mexican Night chaired by Capt. Al Gonsalez. If you don't know it by now, Capt. Al is an excellent chef with his able assistant, Joanne ---- or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, when they put on a meal you won't be disappointed.

January 12th is the January Breakfast, chaired by Capt. Dave Cleator and First Mate Janet. While on the subject of breakfasts, there will still be a sign up sheet at the discretion of the chairman but you won't be billed for no shows. So, free ride for breakfasts only but if you do sign up please try to keep it.

January 24th, 25th and 26th is the club cruise to Bell Harbor. This is always a fun place to go with lots to do if you want to.

That wraps up January. Be thinking about Heavy Weather which is just around the corner in February. This is an all hands event and our biggest of the year so don't wait to be asked to help out. We need your help!! We anticipate hosting 60-70 boats again this year, so, if you're under club cover and plan on racing or taking your boat out, please be out of your slip no later than February 12th. Also, anyone else that will be gone during that period please let the Float Chair, Capt. Jim Picinich, know. In addition, the paint dock and the railway will be blocked out for this weekend.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year. See you on the docks.

Bob Bachman
Vice Commodore

From: Rod Perryman, Rear Commodore

Another holiday has passed.  So many wonderful times shared with family and friends to remember. Angela and I hope you enjoyed the holiday season as much as we did.  Now we eagerly look forward to 2003.  

Many thanks to all the many members who worked on committees that helped decorate the club, prepare delicious meals, entertain us, and most of all help us all to have a happier holiday celebration this year.  All the volunteers combining so many talents make for an outstanding club Holiday Season.

Congratulations to all you folks who gave generously to the less fortunate this Christmas Season.   Our local food bank contributions totaled over 135lbs of food. Our generous contribution will help some families less
fortunate.    However, let me remind you that hunger doesn't stop after the Holidays are over.  May I suggest that you continue to give to a food line of your choice through out the year as contributions drop after the holidays.  Again, thanks for your generous contributions.

Work Party: The next scheduled work party will be February 8 & 9.  Look for the sign-up list on the bulletin board. This work party will be focusing on cleaning-up the clubhouse, grounds and docks for the up-coming Heavy Weather weekend. I want to take this opportunity to remind our older members and inform the newer members that you are obligated to 16 hours of work party this year, so if you haven't gotten your 16 hours in yet this year, then sign-up!

Rod Perryman
Rear Commodore

December Float Committee Report

Berths awarded 
Open Slip # 363 to Capt. Ron Morse 

The float committee approved the requested trade between Captain Stiles # 450 and Captain Senstock #441.

Berths available for bid
There are no berths available for bid this month.

Its time to start planning our Heavy Weather weekend (Feb. 14, 15, & 16) and I need you to help. If your slip will be available please let me know. If you are moored under the common cover and you are planning to race let me know so that we can find a non-racer to trade slips with you prior to the timbers going up. The timbers will be put up Thursday Feb. 13th at 1300 and removed on the 16th at 1300. Information can be put in the Float Chairman mailbox, or you can give me a call at 782-0219. 

The next Float Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 14th at 1900.

Jim Picinich
Chairman, Float Committee

FROM:  Skipperettes
At our last meeting we obligated three new members: Penny Morse, wife of new member Ron Morse; Paula Davis wife of Harry Davis, and Elaine Morgan, wife of Terry Ellingson.

With the galley coming down it's final "Two-eeks" the Skipperettes are busy finding homes for all the pots and pan, towels, and galley equipment that has been spread around the club for the past year.

The next outing of the Ladies Bunch for Lunch will be a shopping trip to Port Townsend on November 20th. An in house outing will be held at the club on December 12 from 9-3. We will be making stamped cards and playing cards and board games. 

Our next meeting will be our Christmas dessert on December 4th, 6:30 pm. We will have a $10 gift exchange and holiday auction. If you want to join us at any of these events, please call President, Gerri Bachman, for times and information.

Gerri Bachman
President Skipperettes

Regatta for Sail

Capt. Joe Payne
Sail Regatta Chairman
Regatta for Power
The 2003 predicted log season is here, with the Queen City Yacht Club's "First of the Season" log race on Lake Washington scheduled for Saturday, January 11. The logs have been mailed to the regular IPBA racers, but if you didn't get a copy, you can get a copy at the BYC clubhouse. QCYC has a Friday night Burger Bash, a Saturday Awards Dinner Dance, as well as a Champagne Brunch on Sunday, all part of the race weekend. We will have a skull session at the BYC clubhouse on Tuesday, January 7, at 7:00 PM to go over the race.

The first club predicted log race of the year is the BYC Thompson Trophy race on Sunday, January 19. This is a good chance to get into the swing of log racing before the big Heavy Weather race. This is always a fun race, and will be followed by the usual potluck dinner. We will have a planning session for the race on Wednesday, January 15 at 7:00 PM for any racers that need it. You can pick up a copy of the race at the BYC clubhouse.

The big race of the year for BYC is Heavy Weather on February 15. We want to get as many BYC boats as possible to enter the contest, so we can win the team trophy back from Queen City Yacht Club. We will have two planning sessions for this one, the first  on Wednesday, February 5 to go over the course, and than February 12 to cover the expected currents. Remember, "LOG RACING IS A SOCIAL EVENT".

Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

Heavy Weather
Saturday February 15, 2003

The 69th Annual Bremerton Yacht Club Heavy Weather Predicted Log Navigation Contest is scheduled for February 15, 2003. This is the largest predicted log navigation contest of its kind in the world.  The object of this contest is to demonstrate a skipper's navigational skills at normal vessel cruise speeds, as opposed to other types of contests that involve high vessel speeds. It is anticipated that approximately 50 to 60 contestant boats will entere to challenge the 23 nautical mile course. They will transit Port Washington Narrows, Sinclair Inlet, Rich Passage, and Yukon Harbor over a period from about noon to 4:30 PM on February 15.  The competing skippers are veteran boaters who take this sport very seriously, are well aware of the capabilities of their vessels and maintain a keen vigilance of everything around them.  The essence of a navigation contest is to compare a skipper's predicted elapsed time over a prescribed course with the actual cruise time to run the course, and the skipper with the closest times wins.  The challenge of predicting the currents through Port Washington Narrows and Rich Passage has, over the years, made this a very difficult part of the contest course. 

Each of the contest boats is required to have an independent observer on board, who's duty is to record the time of day at the start of the contest and at each of it's six checkpoints. It is from these recorded times that the contest committee establishes the contest winners. Trophies are awarded for the top three overall winners, as well as the top three in each of five classes.  An award is given to the yacht club who has the best four man team score and a trophy is also given to the best skipper who has entered the contest for the first time. 

Impartial observers play a key part in the contest, as they represent the yacht club during the actual running of the course and record the required times needed to establish the winners. Training for observers will be held at the Bremerton Yacht Club on Tuesday, February 11, and Wednesday, February 12, at 7:00 PM each night, with donuts and coffee provided. Anyone interested in being a observer during the contest should attend one of the two training sessions.

Heavy Weather Weekend is a busy time at the Bremerton Yacht Club, starting on Friday night with a light dinner available at the clubhouse and music to dance away the night. Saturday is the Heavy Weather Navigation Contest, followed that evening by skits put on by the different yacht clubs, followed by more music and dancing and a late night snack. Sunday is the famous Heavy Weather breakfast followed by the presentation of awards and trophies.

For more information about the Bremerton Yacht Club Heavy Weather Navigation Contest or being an observer visit the yacht clubs web site at  or contact the Regatta Chairman for Power, Jack  Hensley, at (360) 373-2423, or E-mail

Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

The Annual is back from the printers and available at the clubhouse.

If you notice incorrect information, and would like to get it updated for next years annual, please contact Dave Uebele at or Bret Halffman at: 

Also, for those members that had email via @home, please contact to let me know your new email address. I am already collecting email addresses for next years annual.

Dave Uebele
member annual committee

From: your WebTeam

The web team is looking for artwork to help spruce up the web page. Looking for photos of the clubhouse or other artwork that could be used at the top level of the web page to show some important aspect of BYC. Paper or electronic artwork is acceptable.

Also, a reminder that we are looking for volunteers for working on the web page. If you would be interested in learning more about HTML or how to setup and modify web pages, contact We are also looking for people that might be interested in scanning or typing in some of the paper history of BYC suitable for web access or other electronic storage of the club history.

If you like messing around with the computer, this can be a nice way to earn points.  A lot cleaner work than scrapping barnacles... 

Just a reminder to check the web page for upcoming events, and if you want to add something to the web page, contact the web team via the web page. We've had a lot of favorable comments, and I want to keep it that way by making sure the web page is current and relevant to members of the community. 

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