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Towline Articles for April 2003
Towline Editor: Harry Davis []
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Table of Contents:

  1. Bill Rumbold, Commodore
  2. Bob Bachman, Vice Commodore
  3. Rod Perryman, Rear Commodore
  4. Charles Billings, Secretary
  5. Budget Request for the Youth Program 
  6. Float Committee Report
  7. Skipperettes
  8. The Fleet Captain's Locker
  9. Regatta For Sail
  10. Regatta for Power
  11. Opening Day Boat Entry Announcement 
  12. From your WebTeam 
  13. BYC Corrosion Control
  14. Now Hear This!

Reports from the Bridge

Commodore Bill Rumbold: 
This is the time of year when the club's focus of business turns to the election process for new officers and the development of the budget for next year. These are two of the most important functions in a club like ours that will keep it alive and financially sound and deserves the attention of all members.

At the first meeting in April, the Nominating Committee, composed of Past Commodores Burwell, Henry and Carr, will present their slate of candidates for the positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary and for two seats on the Executive Committee. They will be looking for individuals that will lead and manage the club through the next year of 2003/2004. They will be canvassing the membership for those members that will stand up and take on the responsibility willingly and work to take the club to new and higher levels. Are the jobs easy? No, and they can be quite time consuming, but I can personally say they are very rewarding and are well worth the effort expended. The Bremerton Yacht Club is an outstanding club and people I have met throughout the Puget Sound region are constantly asking me what makes our club so strong. I immediately reply that it is our people that have such concern for it's well being. If you think you would like to be involved in the management of the club, give one of the Nominating Committee or a bridge officer a call. I would be pleased to sit down and tell you anything that I can. Your interest would be appreciated. Even if you can't make a commitment for this year, stop and think about it for next year.  For you newer members, the process will cover three meetings. On April 7th the Nominating Committee will announce their slate for all the positions. The floor will be opened for additional nominations from the floor. On April 21st, the floor will be opened again for further nominations from the floor. And finally, on May 5th we will accept further nominations from the floor and we will then hold the elections by secret ballot for each position with the new officers to be installed on May 16th. 

The other major responsibility of the club is to approve a budget for the next fiscal year from July 1st through June 30th 2004. Because of the prudent management of the club over the past many years we are financially sound, with money in the bank and all our property fully paid for and completely free of debt. There are not a lot of professionally run businesses that can claim those same bragging rights!  You should be proud of the financial position BYC has attained. In order to maintain this status the Chairman of the Budget & Fiscal Committee (this year it is Captain Dale Armstrong), who is a member of the Executive Committee, together with his committee develops a comprehensive budget covering all aspects of club operations. This budget is first presented to the Executive Committee for their review and concurrence before it is presented to the membership for your approval. As a club member you should be concerned that your money is budgeted and spent properly. The first presentation of the budget to the membership will be on April 7th.  In past years, the budget was voted on at the last regular meeting in May. This By Law was recently changed to allow the membership adequate time to review the budget, ask questions, resolve issues and then approve it by a majority vote of the members attending at the time the vote is taken. If all questions and concerns are resolved the vote need not wait until late May, but can occur at the time the attending membership so agrees. I felt it necessary to inform you of this change so that you don't expect that the final approval of the budget must occur in late May, but could occur earlier. Attendance at the next meetings is highly encouraged and your participation in the review of the budget is welcomed.

Captain Doug Smith and his Planning Committee (also a committee of the Executive Committee) prepared and presented to the membership on March 17th a comprehensive Annual Maintenance Plan, a Major Maintenance & Repair Plan, and a Facility Replacement Plan. These plans set forth the program for proposed funding of the maintenance and repair of our facilities, not only for next year, but out through the next ten years. Doug, you and your team did and outstanding job! The plan will be presented to the Budget Committee for use in developing the annual budget.

Your input for the elections and the approval of the budget is extremely important! Don't sit back and let "the other guy do it all". Get out and vote!

Bill Rumbold

Vice Commodore Bob Bachman:

Some months just seem to fly by and March does seem to have wings. On second thought, maybe my thoughts of wings and such have come about because of my unsuccessful attempts at thinning out the pigeon population at BYC. As many of you know, I built a trap, baited it with the finest pigeon cuisine, and put in a supposedly female, seductress pigeon. Well, after having no luck on the roof of the clubhouse I placed this well equipped trap in Capt. Norm Smiths pigeon loft which is also where he happens to keep his boat. All that happened was that my pigeon just added to the mess. Maybe these birds are smarter than we give them credit. Anyway, to use an historical phrase, the "final solution" seems to be if you are having bird problems in your shed put up a curtain or net, or, failing that, invest in a good pellet rifle and plan to spend a few nights in your shed harvesting squab.

Another unsuccessful event this month was the First Ever BYC Garlic Fest. Six couples signing up was not enough to make it go so I had to cancel it. Won't try that one again. Pigeons and garlic made for a memorable March. Maybe pigeons with garlic would have been better.

Capt. Dave Uebele found out that coming to the General Meetings is more than just an evening of intensely interesting and useful information but it can also turn out to be profitable. He took home the fishbowl from the March 7th meeting worth over $250. How's that for a little added incentive!

Next big event coming up is Daffodil at Tacoma Yacht Club on April 11th, 12th and 13th. If you're not coming by boat come down by car. It's a fun filled weekend and we can use your help decorating the float with the thousands of daffodils. Sunday morning is the boat parade. We've made room in our trophy case. We're ready!

April 19th is the Kids Easter Egg Hunt and Party put on by our wonderful Skipperettes, so plan to bring your kids or grandkids and enjoy the afternoon. 

April 25th is the Friday Night Social - Captain Ron Party. This social was done several years back and was a lot of fun and this time Capt. Bret Halffman has added some new twists. Sign up sheet and flyer are in the lounge.

Last item, on the 27th is our April Sunday Breakfast chaired by Capt. Ron Morse along with First Mate Penny and crew. See his flyer in this issue of the Towline.

In looking at the calendar I just realized it's now Spring. Now where did I put that varnish......

Bob Bachman
Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore Rod Perryman:

Hi everyone. Spring is definitely in the air and you guessed it, the Spring Work party is upon us. It is scheduled for April 5th & 6th. As a reminder, each member is obligated to 16 hours of work party this year. As of this writing, approximately 90 members have not completed their work party hours. You’ll find the sign-up sheet in the lounge. Do sign up early as it makes the Work Party Chairman, Capt. Don Sherwood's job easier in planning what projects to assign and what materials to order. This will be a good time to get a lot done now the weather is getting better. Let's hope we don't have April Showers, but even if we do, we will still have the work party.

Sorry we had to miss the St. Patrick Day Cruise to Gig Harbor. I hear a great time was had by all who attended. Angela and I were a little further south attending the Olympia Yacht Club J. O. Ball.

Don't forget the Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs in the park again this year. So please sign in on the sign up sheet in the clubhouse lounge. The Easter Bunny's helpers need an idea of how many little egg finders to expect.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Capt. Duey McBride for finding a new home for the electric organ. It has been donated to the Bremerton Symphony Auction. I am sure this will be a way of getting a wonderful new home for it.

That's all from me for now. Hope everybody has a fun time cruising this Spring and Summer. Lots to look forward to in the next few months. Daffodil and Opening Day to mention a few. Hope to see you out there.

Rod Perryman
Rear Commodore


Comments from the Secretary

Points of interest from the Executive Committee meeting of 10 March 2003.
  • Mr. Jack Flood elected to membership with Obligation Ceremony to be held on 17 March.
  • Heavy Weather Weekend came in even with budget.
  •  Fishing Derby had 7 participants with no fish caught.
  •  Capt. Leedy reviewed the proposed Electrolysis Detection Training program.
  •  Next Work Party scheduled for 5 & 6 April.
  •  Preliminary Budget Proposal presented by Capt. Dale Armstrong.
  •  Signed Memorandum of Agreement with Anderson Island Fire & Rescue received.   AIF&R allowed to keep their fire boat at BYC Oro Bay pier on a non-interfering basis for up to 6 months.
  •  Audit Committee report presented by P/C Risch.
  •  Club Store survey sheets reviewed by Club Store Chair, Capt. Ron Morse.
  •  Youth Sailing Program reviewed with presentation to the membership scheduled for the General Meeting on 7 April.
  •  Vendors approved for on-site service include: Kitsap Marine Industries (Signal Yacht Sales), Gig Harbor Yacht Sales, and Robt. R. Wheeler Canvas & Upholstery.
  •  P/C Henry noted that BYC still has a need for dressed and/or decorated sailboats for Opening Day.

Captain Charlie Billings 

BYC Funds Requested for Youth Sailing Program

Our Youth Sailing Program is requesting $15,000 for the purchase of seven (7) sailing dinghies, including building material for two (2) 10'X20' dinghy docks and storage racks for the boats. Per BYC Bylaws, any request for funds exceeding $10,000 (that was not included on the annual budget approved by the membership) must be presented to the membership, published in the Towline, and presented to the membership again prior to a vote on the request. If approved, the funds for this program will be disbursed from this fiscal year's operating budget.

Capt. Joe Payne, Sail Regatta Chair, provided a presentation on the program at the 17 March general meeting. This article constitutes the written notification to the membership. A vote on this request will be held at the next general membership meeting on 07 April 2003.

A display outlining the program (including course curriculum, schedule, proposed boats, proposed dock location, staffing requirements, and operating budget) is set up in the BYC Main Ballroom. In addition to the Youth Sailing Program, these boats will be available for check out by club members, use during club functions (Oro Bay, etc.), youth and adult sail competition, etc. Additional information on the program is also included in this Towline. Please review this material and stop by the club for a look at the display.

December Float Committee Report

Berths available for bid
Boathouse Slip # 328 
Contingent on the sale of the boat and boathouse. The maximum shed size for this space is 19X50 including standoffs. Call Capt. Tibbits at 253-761-5950 for questions on boat or boathouse.

Common Cover Slip # 210

 Contingent on the finalization of the excepted offer on the boat. The maximum length is defined as the open waterway between the walkway and a Line that extends along the outside edge of the pilings securing the north club Cover, approximately 52 feet.

Heavy Weather weekend is Feb. 14, 15, & 16. If you are moored under the common cover and you are planning to race let me know so that we can find a non-racer to trade slips with you prior to the timbers going up. The timbers will be put up Thursday Feb. 13th at 1300 and removed on the 16th at 1300. We will also need a block of slips on the north side of "A" string for contestant check in. Information can be put in the Float Chairman mailbox, or you can give me a call at 782-0219. 

The next Float Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 11, at 1900.

Jim Picinich
Chairman, Float Committee

FROM:  Skipperettes
At our March luncheon, we were pleased to welcomed into membership Sharon Woodworth, wife of BYC member Woody, and Pam Smith, wife of BYC member Doug. 

On Wed., April 2nd, 6:30 pm we will host "Skippers Night", honoring all past Skupperetes and our Captains. During the dinner the newly selected Skupperette will be announced. This honor is given to a BYC member who has on many occasions gone "above and beyond" to lend a hand to Skipperettes during the past year. 

Elections for 2003-2004 were held and the slate of officers for the
coming year are: 

  • President, Sandy Baker
  • Vice President, Lynne Rumbold
  • Secretary, Sharon Leedy
  • Corresponding Secretary, Linda Ritter
  • Treasurer, Doreen Marshall.
Gerri Bachman
President Skipperettes
Regatta for Sail

Capt. Joe Payne
Sail Regatta Chairman
Regatta for Power
The big race of the year for BYC was the 69th Annual Heavy Weather Race held on February 15, but the 2003 log racing season has just started. On March 1, six members of the BYC racing team went over to Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club for the annual MBYC  Boomerang Race on Lake Washington. The race started and finished just outside MBYC and went around Mercer Island and under both floating bridges with a total of 25 boats entered. Of the six that went from BYC, five got trophies as follows:
  • 3rd Class 5 - Mike Leedy on Sea Trust II with an error of 1.6913 %.
  • 1st Class 3 - P/C Mike Henry on Peachy Keen with an error of 1.4283 %.
  • 2nd Class 1 - Chuck Silvernail on Solmar with an error of 2.4632 %
  • 1st Class 1 (4th Overall) - Owen Ritter on Outbound with an error of 0.4561 %
  • 3rd Overall - John Rosendale on Mistic Blue with an error of 0.4175 %
Both John and Owen were under .5000 percent error, and for this great achievement their names will be added to the North American Cruiser Associations National 500 Club.

Four BYC skippers went down to South Sound to run Olympia Yacht Club's Governors Cup log race around Harstine Island. The race was run out of Olympia Yacht Club's beautiful Island Home outstation and was followed by a super potluck dinner and awards ceremony. There were only 13 boats entered and 12 trophies to be awarded, so everyone had a good chance for glory. The four BYC skippers trophied as follows:

  • 2nd Class 2 - P/C Mike Henry on Peachy Keen with an error of 1.5420 %.
  • 1st Class 2 (4th Overall) - John Rosendale on Mistic Blue with an error of 1.1496 %.
  • 1st Class 1 (5th Overall) - Dan Robinson on Lucky Girl with an error of 1.2029 %.
  • 1st Overall - Jack Hensley on Jubilee with an error of 0.7891 %.
This is the fifth year in the last nine that a BYC skipper has won the Governors Cup!

The next navigation contest is the Eagle Harbor Predicted Log Race put on by Queen City and Seattle Yacht Clubs. It will be held on Saturday, April 5, out of Queen City Yacht Club's out station in Eagle Harbor and is a 23.9 nautical mile course around Bainbridge Island. We will have a skull session on the course and currents at the BYC clubhouse on Wednesday, April 2 at 1900. If you need a copy of the log check the box by the clubhouse store.


Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

"OFF TO THE RACES" at Opening Day, May 3.

That's the theme for this year's celebration over in Seattle. Sounds simple enough that we ought to be able to easily decorate one sailboat and one powerboat for entry into the Opening Day parade. A well known BYC float designer par excellence has indicated interest in helping with the hard part (that would be the thinking part). What we need now are the boats to be decorated for entry in the Decorated Sail and Decorated Powerboat classes. If you volunteer yours, our hosts, Queen City YC, always try to provide reserved slips for boats entered in the parade; sure beats being on the outer end of a seven boat raft off the dock. Capt Ray Norton has volunteered to be the BYC entry in the Dressed Powerboat class. It would be really nice to compliment that entry by having a BYC entry in the Dressed Sailboat class, as well. Other classes open to club entries are the Novelty Decorated, Classic Power and Classic Sail. Equally as important is the need for enough people to crew the BYC entries. Maybe we can even provide transportation to QCYC and back for those willing to crew but not wanting to take their boats over. If you?ve got a boat you want to show off or disguise with decorations, let me know. I can be reached at or at 360-377-6639. P/C Mike Henry Boat Entry Organizer


BYC is developing a corrosion control program with the hope that we can avoid or minimize damage to the underwater areas of the boats in our marina. Mr. Bob Ajerman will be at BYC on Monday, April 21, 2003. Bob is the author of “BOAT & YACHT CORROSION CONTROL” and has considerable experience in the field of corrosion control in boats and yachts.

Prior to the General Meeting (19:00 hours to 19:30 hours) Bob will provide general comments on corrosion problems in marinas.

If you are interested in a quick overview of corrosion control, you should be in your chair in the ballroom at 19:00 hours. If you have any questions, please call Capt. Mike Leedy, 373-6038.

From: your WebTeam

The BYC Webteam is always looking for all kinds of contributions and new ideas: From artwork (to help spruce up the web page), to photos of recent or historical events or sights, to travel or committee reports. Any information which would make life easier for new members would be most welcome.

Also, we would like to remind all members that we are looking for volunteers for working on the web page or particular parts of it. If you would be interested in learning more about HTML or how to setup and modify web pages, contact We are also looking for people that might be interested in scanning or typing in some of the paper history of BYC suitable for web access or other electronic storage of the club history.

If you like messing around with the computer, this can be a nice way to earn points.  It is also a lot cleaner work than scrapping barnacles... 

Finally, do not forget to check the web page regularly for upcoming events. Again, if you want to add something (however small or short) to the web page, contact the Webteam via the web page or directly via Email ( We've received some very favorable comments, and we want to keep it that way by making sure the web page is current and relevant to members of the community. 

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