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Our advertisers support the publishing costs associated with the Towline, the Annual (BYC's yearly Handbook) and this Web page. Costs include, paper, printing services, postage and digital access. Many of the advertisers are club members.

The Web pages where the following ads are posted are listed underneath the ads. Advertisers: If you wish to change the pages for your ad, please email to BYC (bremertonyc(at) c/o Advertising Chair.

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Advertising Guidelines

The present advertising related duties of the Publicity Chair include
  1. Soliciting and accepting suitable advertisements for the Towline, the Annual (BYC's yearly Handbook)and the Website in collaboration with their respective editors.
  2. Informing the Treasurer of all arrangements made with Advertisers for billing purposes.
  3. Informing the Executive Committee of and if necessary get permission for all major changes in publicity plans, strategies and implementation.

The following guidelines are based on consultation with a number of individuals, including the past and present Towline editors, and the "BYC Publicity and Advertising Turn-over Report" of May 2003, signed by Charles E. Billings.
  1. The Publicity Chair shall solicit and accept commercial and non-profit advertisements for the Clubs three media: the towline, the Annual and the Website. The purpose of publishing advertisements in BYC's three emdia is twofold:
    1. to off-set the cost of these media; and
    2. to provide information (contained in the ads) to BYC members

  2. In the absence of any other existing guidelines for the nature of advertisements in these three advertising media, the following criteria shall be followed:
    1. All advertisements should be in good taste and free of offending graphics and text.
    2. Marine-related advertisements are preferred.
    3. Members of BYC are encouraged to advertise in the BYC outlets and to identify their membership in the ad. ["BYC Member" (with or without name)]
    4. Advertisers will be advised that BYC will not exclude competitors from advertising in BYC's publications.
    5. Advertisements on Web pages should have sizes and formats similar to the size used in the present Towline and the Annual. The Website's regular advertisement size shall be the approximate size of a business card. Web ads shall be posted on pages (selected by the advertiser) other than the (public) Home Page. However, all advertisers will be listed unobtrusively on the bottom of the Home page and linked to their ads on the selected BYC pages and from there to their own Web pages (if any).
    6. The regular advertising "package" shall include all three advertising media, i.e. 12 issues of the Towline, 1 issue of the Annual (BYC's yearly Handbook) and 12 months of the BYC Web site. Given that the Web site is a continuously changing medium, the location of an ad may have to change during these 12 months. The advertiser will be notified by Email of any major change. Any change in the Web ad initiated by the advertiser will be charged a minimum of $5.--.

  3. Pricing and Billing of Advertsements
    1. The costs of this package shall be $135 per year. This price has the following components:
    2. 12 Issues of the Towline $100.--
      1 issue of the Annual $ 25.--
      1 ad on two different pages of the Website (to be selected by advertiser) $ 25.--
      Sum $150.--
      10% package discount 15.--
      Package Price $135.--

    3. The advertising chair shall be given the authority to deviate from this pricing structure [without deviating from its "spirit"] in order to respond to the desirability of
      1. allowing a small business to commit to less than a full year
      2. different or larger sizes of advertisements
      3. having more than one ad in the Annual or more than two on the Web site.
      4. placing the ad only in one or two of the three media (if one of the media is not suitable for the advertisers purposes).
      5. reducing or waving the advertising fees in recognition of an advertiser's services to BYC (e.g. Kitsap Credit Union)
    4. Advertsing charges should be reconsidered once a year. New prices will go into effect with the next renewal of an adveriser's contract.
    5. the expiration date of an ad in the Towline and on the Web site should be inserted into the ad in small print (8-05).
    6. Advertisers shall be contacted at least a month in advance and asked for renewal and possible change in content.<
    7. The advertising chair shall notify the BYC Treasurer of any transactions which require billing or changes in billing.

Addendum: [22 March 2005]

Unless other arrangments have been made, payment of $135 should be made by the sponsor/advertiser after the first issue of the Towline has been received. Payment should be made to:

Bremerton Yacht Club
2700 Yacht Haven Way N.W.,
Bremerton, Washington 98312

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