Getting a login

New Membership

If you are not a member of the Bremerton Yacht Club you cannot have a login account. Once your membership is approved, the Treasure will create a membership account for you with authorized members. Each member associated with your membership account will receive a separate login account. As a new BYC member, you will receive login account information at your New Member Obligation.

Once you have log-into the BYC Web site, you may go to the Members section on the menu and select "Edit Your Account". You can review you Membership information and the members associated with this account. If you click on the Members tab, you can edit each member associated with the Membership by clicking on the members name.

Existing Membership

If you already have a membership setup, you can have the Webteam or a member that can already login setup your username and password. To setup other members in a membership with a login name and password, go to Members on the menu and select "Edit Your Account". Click on the Members Tab and the select the member you want to modify. You can change the Login Name and/or the password for any member associated with the Membership.

Lost Password or Login Name

If you loose your login name or password you can either email the Webteam or have another member, associated with your Membership, login and change your login name and/or password. Changing Members login name and password is done by going to the Members Menu, selecting "Edit Your Account", then selecting the Members Tab, clicking on the Members name, then changing the login name and/or password.